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Oral Roberts vs #11 LSU Highlights (Crazy Game) | 2021 College Baseball Highlights

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LSU and Oral Roberts played the first game of a 3 game series in the 2021 College Baseball Season.

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  1. How do you not know where the wall is on your own field lmao

  2. LSU baseball got worked. LSU Baseball is usually pretty good so they will bounce back thou.

  3. Coach Mainieri should donate back a little of his $1.225 Million/year after a game like this …

  4. Imagine your school being named after a type of intercourse

  5. sec fans always discount teams from small conferences. there's a reason oru is the top team in the summit league

  6. Was this a Harlem Globetrotter game? LSU looked like they’ve never played baseball before.

  7. The Lion King Simba aka Alex Pomeroy says:

    That is a best games ever and cool awesome

  8. Most teams can’t score 22 runs in a series, oral Robert’s did it in 5 innings

  9. pitchers were throwing dead middle f the plate. how odd

  10. Hahahahaa omg this is funny. I just seen last game someone commenting they hope lsu gets thrashed cause the was acting too cocky last game lmfao

  11. looks like jaden hill isn't going 1st overall….

  12. Hill is way overrated. His fastball plays like it's 5mph slower, it does not miss bats. Whoever drafts him is gonna have buyers remorse.

  13. Everybody'z got their pantiez in a bunch! The Tigerz will b fine!

  14. People acting like lsu is overrated because of 1 game lol they will smack them the next 2 games probably

  15. This is why baseball is awesome. Anything can happen.

  16. As an LSU fan…………what the heck but…. I like runs sooooooooooo plus it’s just one game

  17. Hard to believe at one point LSU was only down by 1

  18. Damn… LSU really down bad rn. Anyone can win a baseball game at any point but 22-7. That’s INSANE

  19. Could be a very important game for LSU. LSU is cruising along winning games easily with an EXTREMELY young core. A good ass whooping let’s you know you gotta bring it everyday

  20. Wow that's definitely a highlight reel..!!

  21. Wow. This doesn't bode well for LSU's midweek matchup against Jim Bakker A&M

  22. College baseball has gone down the drain, the basics are awful.

  23. Oral Roberts 🔥🔥🔥 regardless that’s an ass whooping no team can forget! this is why Baseball is the best sport in the world!!!!

  24. WTF did our pitching staff do to Hillard? He was so good his Freshman year and had great potential. Time to clean house 🐅

  25. I seriously think LSU was tipping somehow.. not sure how but it seems like ORU picked up on something..

  26. It’s just one series guys chill. Lsu still gonna win the natty

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