Oregon vs #6 Vanderbilt (Crazy Game!) | Nashville Regional Winners Bracket | 2023 College Baseball - voxelo.us

Oregon vs #6 Vanderbilt (Crazy Game!) | Nashville Regional Winners Bracket | 2023 College Baseball

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Oregon Baseball and Vanderbilt Baseball played in the winners bracket in the Nashville Regional in the 2023 College Baseball Season.

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  1. Oregon football jerseys: 💪🗿Oregon baseball jerseys: 🤓🤡

  2. Let's all sing the Duck Song!!! Thanks Wheels!!!

  3. Let’s go ducks y’all got this regional (coming from South Carolina fan)

  4. "West Coast teams are minor league college baseball" yeah okay. Coming from a Beaver fan.

  5. Damn that play at first made the difference in the end

  6. I call Rikuu "The Goonie".

    Asian, in Oregon, tiny, and crafty as F

  7. Good win. More work to do. Go Ducks!

  8. That Vandy pitcher in the last few innings was something ELSE. I saw and was like "k Oregon gets only 8…please pitchers its up to you"

  9. Ceballos play of the year. Oregon really is about it, lot of SEC fans underesstimated them.

  10. PLEASE do Oral Roberts vs UW. Insane comeback

  11. I love Nishida so much. I saw him play in person against Cal and looked up his stats. Apparently he came over from Japan, dominated at Community College for 2 years and then transferred to Oregon and is now doing his thing for the Ducks. Great contact guy, very fast, good fielder. Only thing against him is lack of power/arm strength but that's to be expected. Still a great player though!

  12. no one saw coach going for the red man hahahahaha

  13. I hadn’t seen Oregon play yet this season, man they’ve got some bats..

  14. Everyone in the comments talking about Ceballos (1 for 5 with 2 RBIs) or Nishida (2 for 4 and scored twice).

    Dont't Forget Jacob Walsh! The Man went 2 for 4 with 3 RBIs that secured the game for Oregon, if he didn't score Vandy would have taken the lead 5-4 in 7th or walked it off in the 9th. One of the best Sophomores and 1st basemen in the country who is almost always slept on, you rarely see a freshman or a sophomore starting at a premier D1 School.

  15. Oregon paid the umpires to screw Vanderbilt out of the elimination

  16. Hell of a play made by 3rd baseman at the bottom of the 7th

  17. Man just refuses to do indiana highlights:/

  18. Love seeing Vanderbilt be humbled 😂🤙🏼

  19. Damn I can see the difference in college and mlb fielding by a mile.

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