PART 1 : Internet And Gaming Café Simulator | Crazy Games. -

PART 1 : Internet And Gaming Café Simulator | Crazy Games.

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Hello there viewers… Today I am playing Internet And Gaming Café Simulator in Crazy Games. This is a Arcade game. In crazy games you can see this game in Arcade category. This game has more thing to do so I will do more videos in this game. Comment down below that how I play this game.

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  1. Your a noooooob like that’s disgusting

  2. Why I can't play it , when I enable the webgl

  3. noob i have more money and i have 2nd floor and 15 campu and i have soooo many things😏😏😈😈

  4. actually how about if you follow him and like each of his games then I will like your vids

  5. how do to play this game when I enter it says that my browser does not support

  6. lol my friend is literally the solo dev of this game

  7. I'm sorry about that he says that when he gave his game to crazy games it glitched out crazy games kind of sucks for publishing games he doesn't get ad revenue he sold the game for 100 bucks

  8. we are really close friends I have his email

  9. for a thanks for playing this game i will sub and like each vid

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