Penn State vs #12 Michigan State (Crazy Game in the Snow!) | 2021 College Football Highlights -

Penn State vs #12 Michigan State (Crazy Game in the Snow!) | 2021 College Football Highlights

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Michigan State vs Penn State Highlights (Penn State vs Michigan State Highlights) | 2021 College Football Highlights. Penn State and Michigan State played in Week 13 of the 2021 College Football Season.

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  1. Penn State All white in the snow ❄️ 🥶

  2. Thank you for your fine work. It is the best way to follow College sport from Australia. May I humbly suggest a name change …A Wheels Production…So you sit on the top of subscription lists. I'm lazy and Wheels is near the end!!! 👍

  3. Great game I was at a hockey game while this was on I saw that last 40 seconds of it

  4. Go GREEN BABY!!! 10 wins in Mel Tuckers first full season with MSU! Here we come. Btw, Tuck undefeated against the school down the road (Michigan).

  5. dude the snow would literally melt when it landed on you so there's no stopping being cold and wet! Go Green!!

    Tbh can't imagine how there was a flu outbreak with all those shirtless idiots at the game 🤔

  6. Unexpected judgements on some the plays but heck of a game

  7. College football is coming back more exciting than the pros

  8. Rain games are good just like snowy games. A great running game saves u. Passing and kicking the ball is more difficult

  9. Go Green!!! Amazing end to the regular season…Never thought MSU would get 10 wins this year. In Tuck we trust!!!

  10. Can't wait for your college baseball highlights go UVA future national champions

  11. The passing in this game is incredible considering the snow.

  12. All the starters are probably catching colds right about now.

  13. College football is crazy! Ohio State seriously put up 48 points in one half against MSU. Then gets beats by a Michigan team that struggled against MSU. Just goes to show how every game is different and ya never know. But Ohio states quarterback is a freshman from LA that's not use to playing in cold weather with snow,ever. He hasn't been in Columbus long enough to play through the winters . before that he never played in cold weather. It was his first time playing in that atmosphere against Michigan. Then Alabamba goes into OT against Auburn in the Iron bowl. I will never understand how people can say the NFL is better than NCAA

  14. Only in college football can you get a 10 year extension, worth tens of millions, for being extremely mediocre at your job.

  15. Felt like I was watching Jets vs. Colts c. 1967.

  16. can you please do the florida and florida state game. It is one of the top rivalry games in the nation

  17. I swear it was as cold as it looks but we are Michiganders so we don't care

  18. at 4:24 I genuinely didn't see #4 and thought Collins just randomly flipped

  19. All that snow caused players to slip a lot. You can't run super fast in snow. Go Green!

  20. I don't think I've ever seen a game where BOTH teams blended in with the field.

  21. Hingle Mcringleberry! PENN STATE UNIVERSITY!

  22. Defense was a bit better in this game. They really only gave up 20 points since MSU threw that pick six

  23. Didn’t seem too “crazy”. Just a game in a little snow.

  24. Penny State, playing in the snow, in whites. And it’s snowing…priceless

  25. @Wheels could you please tell me what song you're using as outro? I find it so satisfying to listen to!

  26. GO GREEN ……In the winter wonderland..of East Lansing !

  27. I hate snow I just want it to be warm all the time

  28. How on earth did the officials allow Penn State to wear white in that snowy condition beggars belief

  29. Dude make a new logo, your page looks so fucking corny

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