Professional Disc Golfer takes Blitzball to the face in Crazy Game -

Professional Disc Golfer takes Blitzball to the face in Crazy Game

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Watch us play Disc Golf on JomezPro’s channel:

Professional disc golfers Aaron Gossage and Ricky Wysocki join Jomboy and Talkin’ Jake for an intense game of Blitzball in the warehouse!


  1. Professional disc golfers? Wow pathetic lol

  2. need to see you guys at the celebrity pro/am at funky farms next year!! ben askren seems like an amazing host! or maybe a collab with dylan cease!

  3. You guys should have gotten Paul mcbeth to play I know he used to Be really big into baseball

  4. dude what?! i watched jomez and jomboy all the time. didnt expect this.

  5. Seeing these two worlds collide is amazing, great stuff and keep up the good work. I wish I could like this video more than once

  6. Now you guys have leveled up big time. Shake n bake Ricky

  7. The camera going through the strike zone is a cool addition

  8. Gossage looks like a younger Bill Hader with a moustache.

  9. Earned a sub from a disc golf fan! Well done!

  10. I did not expect this matchup to be the most defensive highlight battle ever.

  11. Would of been cool to see Paul Mcbeth, could of used that baseball background 😂

  12. I love the destructuring of baseball into something new— I'd love to hear more about how y'all explored the idea, what worked well, and what didnt't as you iterated. I wonder if y'all explored destructuring in different ways that made more or less sense for different audiences.

  13. Great cross over. Just watched the disc golf one. Real fun shit. NOW what I really came here for is to be a pedestrian and suggest a sport for yall to do the same thing with.

    Axe Throwing. I'm semi pro and started throwing at bigger events and the high tier pros are nuts. I've also seen some people that are just naturally talented try it out and run up competitive numbers. Teams makes it more of a jomboy vs Jake battle. I'm sure you've seen it the pros don't miss much and stick 99.5% of the time

  14. Huge disc golf fan and for the last couple years big MLW whiffle ball fan. This is pretty close to a collaboration of those two sports. Maybe I should give blitz ball a try next

  15. This is so cool to Ricky and Aaron doin crossover content Ricky especially is such a great embassador for the sport of Disc Golf.

  16. Gossage has got the same "roll the dice" tick pitching that he does throwing forehand.

  17. More disc golf content on all platforms please!!! Love it!

  18. Jimmy's explosion of anger at Ricky had me in stitches!!!

  19. Haha this is crazy. I’ve been watching Ricky on JoMez Pro for about four years now. If you enjoy watching these videos definitely watch Ricky play disc golf

  20. I think Aaron inherited the fastball 👀😂

  21. Imagine how electric this would have been if Paul McBeth was invited for the rivalry

  22. Ricky Wysocki with the incredible defense. Jimmy was so mad 😂

  23. if jomboy didnt mention goose gossage uncle, he dropped the ball there

  24. Ricky is very athletic. The way he always fumbles his minis on tour makes me think he's only good at throwing discs. But he is an athlete. This video tells a lot. Great content!

  25. I could watch this over and over with different disc golfers every video. So awesome!

  26. Ricky's defense was insane…..LOVED this content

  27. That cutter on the inside corner that Jake throws is surprisingly unhittable. It just kinda floats in there.

  28. Yes! Blitzball and Disc Golf are the two niche sports I watch on Youtube. Combining them is perfect. Would be awesome to see Simon Lizotte or Brodie on at some point; feel like they'd jive with the crew.

  29. I don't get this sport. Trying to figure out the rules while watching is kind of confusing.

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