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Randomizing in BFB Colosseum! Crazy Games with Crazy Towers (Bloons TD Battles)

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Wow! I genuinely think I played well in all of these games, we got our opponents very low on lives in those last two games… Good game. That first game was nuts, I’m so happy about that! I hope you enjoyed, thanks for watching!

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Bloons TD Battles
As always, thank for you watching. ♥


  1. I think I have OCD because of you😂😂😂

  2. You can just can the electric thing on the bomerang guy and his ability can get camo

  3. Alukian: “Please don’t send leds.”

    Also Alukian: Sends leds

  4. I like how my veiwers are teans oh there getting up a ninja

  5. Alukian: I don't have camo, but I have boomerang
    Also alukian: u can use glaive Lord (goes for bioncic)
    Also also alukian: (loses)
    Also also also alukian: see, the boomerang-
    No disrespect just thought it was funny love the vids

  6. Your laugh is not good it's very cringe and I'm not hating

  7. I've got a strategy:
    Put the farms down!
    (Now that we got that over with)
    Start by placing an ice tower somewhere near the front or middle, then place a bloonchipper directly next to the ice tower, go for ice 3-2 and bloonchipper 2-3, since the strategy isn't good at MOAB popping (actually is very terrible) you can get a 4-2 bloonchipper and set on strong so it can focus on moab class. The ice will slow all regular bloons and the triple funnel chipper will shred those bloons with ease. While the super wide funnel will shred the moans bfbs and zomg layers then the ceramics will get shredded by the triple funnel. (Also upgrade the farms occasionally but the focus should be on icey chippers). Also if there are bfbs and zomg incoming, place more super wide funnels. (4-2). I hope it helps.

  8. Your my fave YouTuber bro keep it up🔥🙃

  9. I love he’s laugh I love 💕 you vids I think saw all you vids in three days keep up the good work

  10. That laugh that laugh though it's like a car setting up

  11. The police:
    I don't know how we will defend against blacks

  12. Alukian i love your videos your always so high energy and always so positive

  13. Can anyone tell me what late game is ?
    Even I play BTD battle for along time

  14. my Strategy is TWO 2-2 ice towers 3-2 ninja and 2-3 ninja and save up money then rush Regen rainbows easy win

  15. You should make a new account and make videos on it cause it would be entertaining

  16. The spike ball follows the ball a little bit

  17. Rose's are red violets are blue and I got a like but why is it blue

  18. Alukian you can get odd medallions if you do the Defence mode and you lose in one of the games

  19. Alukian:guess who would play btd battles instead of homework


  20. How can i get better i posted a btdb and its so bad

  21. How do all those madalians in that tiny trophy 🏆 make 50 thousand!?

  22. how did you get 5k after selling all your farm on your second push? cheaterrrr

  23. Can you get uploading the random tower challenge. I'm new to the game and seeing how you play with random towers helps alot

  24. You need to do more randomizing, maybe go down to lower arenas to do it

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