Rays cap rollercoaster World Series Game 4 with crazy walk-off | Dodgers-Rays Game 4 Highlights - voxelo.us

Rays cap rollercoaster World Series Game 4 with crazy walk-off | Dodgers-Rays Game 4 Highlights

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Brett Phillips and Randy Arozarena help the Rays walk off in dramatic fashion, downing the Dodgers in a back-and-forth Game 4

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  2. Can I have a shout out from any of you people

  3. "The most unlikely endings to a world series game, in the history of baseball…" guess he never saw game 6 ending of the 1986 world series…

  4. Muy buen partido hermoso ❤️❤️❤️

  5. Padres fan here but kudos to @Dodgers @VictorMartinez @JulioUrias

    Heck yeah Champs!! 👏👏👏🇺🇸🇲🇽

    Way to represent Mexican Baseball!

  6. This was an amazing game to watch! Lol the ending was so cool but irritating lol I couldn't believe what I just had seen.. Lol I was shocked .. Now that Dodgers won..I could laugh about this!! 😂 but it didn't feel funny at the time.. Lol

  7. Ok now that we won the ws I can finally watch this games highlights I was so devastated

  8. Now that the Dodgers won the World Series I can watch this play again.

  9. One of the Greatest comebacks in MLB history, but all for 📺 ,because like the Ray's, the Dodgers also hang in there just when you think you have them and the momentum the Dodgers comeback and take it back like a thief in the night.

  10. These clowns celebrating like they already won the World Series.

  11. Lakers and Dodgers win Championship on the worst year recorded in human history. We’re living in bizarro world

  12. All that for nothing , lol, dodgers won, lets go!

  13. The rays offense is just like a thief, you never know when they are going to strike, and they reminded me of that 2015 royals team, very relentless.

  14. Who’s Philips Ain’t nobody a looser 😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😜 LA champions 😄

  15. BasEbaLl iSnt ExCitINg. I’ll watch a good baseball game over any sport.

  16. This was the greatest game I’ve ever seen. I’m not going to be able to sleep tonight. I’m still shaking. Rays Up!!!!

  17. KENLEY JANSEN IS A LUCKY GUY!!!!. I wish someone paid me 10 million dollars to not do my job

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  19. This celebration was more fun to watch then the Dodgers winning the World Series.

  20. This saturday sucked so much for us dodger fans lol


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  22. I was at a bar with three bros in our Dodgers gear. I could've broke my hand on the table. Unbelievable ending.

  23. Imagine if this had happened in Tropicana Field

  24. I watch this and it still gives me chills.

  25. Dodgers 1:0
    Dodgers 2:0
    Dodgers 2:1
    Dodgers 3:1
    Dodgers 3:2
    Dodgers 4:2
    Rays 5:4
    Dodgers 6:5
    Tie 6:6
    Dodgers 7:6
    Ray win 8:7

  26. This game will go down in history and this game is the biggest moment for 2020 mlb history by far

  27. As a dodgers fan this game is still hard to watch. Glad we won the World Series or I could never watch this game again….

  28. This core of the dodgers has played the greatest game 2, 3, 4 and 5 ever in the past four world series

  29. Bruhh whyy thiss damnnn soo loww likes badd views noww too thoo loll mann.!! :;;((

  30. As a dodgers fan, I was really mad at the end of the game 😂😂.

  31. This game blew the cap off my head i was pissed just error after error by our LA team . Just imagine if this was game 7 and this is how it ended ..

  32. this game was so intens I watched it with my compadre in Dallas Texas. we actually went to game 3 at globe life field

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