Recapping a Crazy Game in Sweden against the Ottawa Senators + Previewing Toronto Maple Leafs -

Recapping a Crazy Game in Sweden against the Ottawa Senators + Previewing Toronto Maple Leafs

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Today we discuss a WILD game in Sweden as a part of the NHL Global series. The Detroit Red Wings lost 4-5 to the Ottawa Senators in overtime. Alex Debrincat scored and Lucas Raymond got a goal in front of his family and friends. The Wings started off down 0-4 and walked away with a point. We also preview the game against the Toronto Maple Leafs.

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  1. Quinton Byfield actually has 13 points in 15 games this year. I wanted the Red Wings to get him bad that draft, would of rather had him than Lafreniere, he also has 11 points in 14 games.

  2. Where are the kids?! ASP is on fire in Sweden, Ed, and Will need to be called up. If our defense is going to be this bad I'd rather the prospects play

  3. Whatever the process is for Swiss cheese to become provolone, is what we witnessed with Reimer.

  4. The delay of game puck clearing penalty by Chariot was science not intentional. How do you address that, the puck was on edge. The Wings played well. Even the TSN announcers were saying Detroit was out playing and out shooting Ottawa. Their goalie was good, our goalie the same as usual. I hope Lyon gets his opportunity. I hate losing against a team that the Wings should beat and our chasing Detroit. Again I will say the opposition changed their system after 4 goals and Detroit scored 4 goals.

  5. If i was lyon id be so pissed lol. Sit me around for 2 months before you decide to let me get my first games not at home… in sweden… lmao if dude carries us to the playoffs this year or gets a playoff game at the lca ill never forget him 😂

  6. Well the real Ben Chiarot showed up today. That guy is just horrendous! He was on the ice for all 4 Ottawa regular time goals and was 100% responsible for the first 2 goals. To top it off, he picked up a completely moronic delay of game penalty with 1:30 left in the game. If Chiarot isn’t scratched vs Toronto, faith in Lalonde is gone

  7. Did i see it right, Wallman wasnt on either power play unit? i think Petry took his spot, i hope it had something to do with an injury he had in practice. Why would you not have the hardest slapshot on your team not on the powerplay? I also saw Petry starting the game and started shaking my head. I wish Petry could be waived or moved, I really think Edvinson needs to be on the roster.

  8. Did anyone else notice that the game winning goal Stutzle batted in….would have hit Reimer in the mask if he didnt duck? Im sure its reactionary butvweve seen goalies like Demko take advantage of that and use their head. I wonder what would have happened if he did?

  9. UK fan since 1996, first Wings, NHL and live hockey game.

    I loved the experience but man, that was a rough start. Shame we didn't take it to them in the 3rd as we had them on the ropes, those dumb penalties to start the 3rd were infuriating and really killed the momentum.

  10. both teams rebuilds look about the same. but both teams should be dominating more. think both coaches need to get better. wings and sens would both do damage in playoffs against mostly soft team

  11. Same old Red Wings, bad coaching, bad goaltending. Lyon should be starting, Husso not a number 1, and Reimer reverting to San Jose ways. Think Lyon was best of the three in the beginning and definitely think so now even though he's not played a game.

  12. I'll give Chiarot a pass because he's been allright so far this season, but Petry, I'm sorry. Give him a Red Wings cap and a coffee mug for his efforts and let him go. There is NO WAY this guy belongs on a NHL team in 2023.

  13. team is still soft and when your coach is usually negative in them after game interviews cant expect the team to get the message! 🤷‍♂️🤔

  14. Just have to point out Scotty is behind on the times…. Byfield has 13 points in 15 games and has looked fantastic this season.

    I also don’t think the maple leafs have a better overalll roster than us. Their top 4 players are better for sure but not their roster as a whole.

  15. When you spot a team a four goal lead*, you can expect it to end with a L. We *didn't have a good game, because we didn't show up until about halfway through the second period.

    I get it. I love our team. But I cannot overlook the core issue, being that we just don't show up on time. We're clearly a better team this year. We have a fighting spirit and that's awesome. But like Scotty said, play a full 60. Maybe have an extra cup of coffee before getting to the rink so maybe you start on time and play a full game.

  16. I thought Petry had a worse game than Chariot. So many turnovers while our team was setting up in the offensive zone. I really wish they would have just called Edvinsson up and let him get reps rather than signing another "veteran."

  17. Larkin was a dog in OT? not going to talk about how he decided to let his team for 2v3 while he went for his stick with 15s left in OT?

  18. Why isnt Edvinsson up. This D corps isnt working. Cant keep spotting teams 2-4 goals.

  19. I know this is a Red Wings podcast, and I havent listened to the entire episode. But I'm 10 mins in – how have you not once mentioned that "walk off homerun" goal with 2 secs left?

  20. The stupid penalties late in the game are driving me fucking crazy

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