Reykjavik Open: GM Baadur Jobava Wins A Crazy Game -

Reykjavik Open: GM Baadur Jobava Wins A Crazy Game
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The one and only GM Baadur Jobava (with sunglasses!) shows his win over GM Hannes Stefansson in round 5 of the Reykjavik Open.

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  1. yeah very cool glasses…he´s on cocaine maybe

  2. hahahaha what
    how am I comment #1
    how am I like & share numbers 1 and 1

  3. Alright that was an excellent game
    Allowing Ke4 was where black's position totally fell apart unfortunately
    Great commentary very impressive chess content on this video
    If everyone likes shares and subscribes we can help make chess more popular
    Challenge me to a 3 day game on username: DJAnguish

  4. Ok, this guy is awesome. We need this guy in commentary on, twitch, everywhere!!

  5. Baadur just rocks! It won't be surprising if he will start drinking beer during the game as well!!!

  6. Baadur vs Borislav Ivanov – the public DEMANDS this matchup.

  7. We will discuss it later….one of the classiest one liners

  8. sound is so bad girls voice is much louder than gms

  9. I love Fiona, I really do. I'm smitten

  10. Great video!! This promotes chess!!! A lovely girl interviews the pro! He's funny and explains so that everyone from beginner to expert can understand! Thanks!

  11. That was such beautiful analysis by Baduur, every single line he went through was incredibly deep and tactical !! This guy needs to be on more!

  12. I have a feeling, this woman doesn't have a clue what he speeks about

  13. -So what are your celebration plans for tonight?
    – we'll discuss it later 😎
    Hahahah Jobava's the best

  14. He looks like a blind chess player in a blind chess tournament

  15. If somebody's interested, oponent, Hannes Stefansson is pictured on the left poster, in the striped x checkered shirt, left to Smyslov.

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