San Diego vs Vanderbilt (CRAZY GAME!) | Regionals Opening Round | 2022 College Baseball Highlights -

San Diego vs Vanderbilt (CRAZY GAME!) | Regionals Opening Round | 2022 College Baseball Highlights

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Vanderbilt and San Diego played in the opening round of the Corvallis Regional in the 2022 College Baseball Season. Regionals are double elimination.

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  1. Sloppy game overall but Vanderbilt mentally was not there.

  2. Wheels is a goat for all these highlights!!

  3. your a goat for pumping out all these videos in one day today. lots of love 👏🙌🏼

  4. Vandy making too many errors this year. Especially Carter Young and Dominic Keegan.

  5. Too how good they were last year this year looks like a little league team…

  6. Embarrassing baseball. Had to stop at that dropped foul ball. Unreal. Jitters are one thing, c'mon.

  7. What’s with Vandy and errors in the cws, seems like it happens every year

  8. Carter young is not a division one shortstop let alone an SEC shortstop.

  9. Carter young is just not good this year

  10. You've gotta guy on base that's 43 /43 for stolen bases on the season…… So naturally, you decide to waste one of your final 3 outs to bunt him over in the 9th? C'mon dude…..

  11. You can’t have a HBP and 2 errors in the first inning and expect to win… crazy this team was number 1 and made it to the NCAA Championship last year

  12. Pitiful performance … growing mustaches and beards won’t win you the game … there’s no leader on the field. Kolwyck just swings at anything, Carter always seems scared sht to bat, and the endless errors omg …

  13. How did vandy get in over kentucky, Kentucky beat vandy in the tournament, and vandy isn’t even a top 25 team and has done nothing this year, now this is how they’re playing vs San Diego…

  14. I dont like that coaching in the 9th. I let Bradfield steal then let Vaz swing or let Bradfield steal third.

  15. USD is gonna be the top school in san diego for the next 5 years

  16. You don’t play well, you don’t win. I think it’s as simple as that for Vandy…their own worst enemy!

  17. Do vandy expect to walk in runs? Swing that bat holy shit

  18. Just shows how good Kumar and Jack were for these guys last year, having those two aces in your rotation to win you the first two games in these tournaments is huge.

  19. Somebody tell this guy that “adios” call is trash.

  20. Carter Young made a lot of errors in the CWS last year. Looks like nothing has changed

  21. half the vandy team got drafted last year. but this year its a joke.

  22. That's why we love the game of baseball, they tie them up just like us!!! Have confidence see the baseball stay inside the baseball and crush it!!!

  23. L to san diego U😝. Vanderbilt better get those big recruits next season or they are in trouble

  24. Bradfield has to steal both bases. Too fast to push him over with a sac bunt. Bad coaching by Vanderbilt.

  25. Vanderbilt are the college version of the Phillies

  26. What kind of bats does USD use? They sound like softball bats lol

  27. Gotta tune in when CRAZY GAME is in the description

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