SAVE THE CAT | That Crazy Game with Explosions and Time -

SAVE THE CAT | That Crazy Game with Explosions and Time

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There’s no more time, how far will you go? What will YOU do to save the cat??

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Outro animation created by Pixlpit:

Outro Song created by “Teknoaxe”. It’s called “I’m everywhere” and you can listen to it here


  1. Jack's ability to make. shit game entertaining is amazing

  2. "Nobody cares about humans! It's all about the cats!" – Jacksepticeye 2017

  3. jack you've become the flash…"run Berry- i mean Jack! Run"

  4. this is pretty much what the flash is like when a building is collapsing

  5. "OH! i get it now" 2 sec later "i dont know what im doing"

  6. Is it me or does it look a bit like that game with the pigs where you were stealing their money?

  7. man. is it just me or does this game looks like cluster truck…cause it looks ALOT like cluster truck.

  8. Why do I feel like this game was hopped up on Mountain dew 😂😂😂

  9. Jack, you are a breath of fresh air! I started watching your videos after my boyfriend recommended them to me, and I thank him every day for it. You are more than just another gamer on YouTube! You have such a great personality, are kind to others, and just an all around great guy! I love your vids! Keep up the positivity!


    Jack: Repeatably throws them into the wall and then throws them out

    Me: Best Savior 2017

    [Did anyone notice the stains on their crotches?]

  11. "Humans can fly right"
    Added to the lines I want to hear from non-human superheroes with good intentions but poor judgement.

  12. if you end up in my bathroom at Quebec/ Canada, shaving your arm pit, you should stop drinking

  13. "I don't give a S**t to people" – Jacksepticeye 2017
    Kudos and Hats off to you Jack! 😀

  14. the intent was to jump off the flying off pieces, not weasel your way through the walls each time.

  15. sure, jack no one gives a shit about dumb ass humans, no, not at ALL.

  16. the red lines at the top floor at 4:38 looks like it spell the letter A

  17. Looks like the beginning of teen titans

  18. That's a long game title "Ok Let Me Try to get the Name Of This Game Right That Crazy Game With Explosions and Time I Think That's The Name of it I'm Not Sure I Can't Remember"😂

  19. At 4:55 jack says he was drunk and I have to say I wouldn't mind jack shaving his armpits in my bath room lol

  20. your friendly neighborhood minifigure says:

    "No one gives a crap about humans"
    Man that's one way to lose subscribers

  21. is this not that seen from x men Apocalypes where quick silver saves everyone from the exsploding building

  22. seems like jackiboiman is having a hard time saving all including the cat but hes ok he never give up so hes fine 🙂

  23. yo 2021 and im still comming back to this fucking game

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