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Shorty’s Crazy Games

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Just a few of the games Shorty likes to play.


  1. My cat's fave is the ''bump under the blanket game''

  2. Loved the "Lets see how big my tail can get" game………..sooooooooo funny!

  3. I love watching all the antics of your cats!  I've got a male cat who looks a LOT like Kodi … except he has a bigger triangle on his nose.  Kodi reminds me SO much of my own cat with all the goofy things that he does!  Keep the videos coming!!

  4. My kitten likes to play the "see-how-long-I-can-annoy-everyone-before-they-throw-me-outside" game.

  5. That beautiful girl has a squirrel size tail, and as for those big round eyes of golden green, they are like an enchanted forest glade where the fairies dance in furry midnight.

  6. Love that kitty, so cute and funny, I like the way he hides in your jacket and his tail is still visible. When I was a child we had kitties that thought they were hiding under the couch but not their tail, we thought it was so cute. Thank you for sharing.

  7. tehehe at the end : "i'm sleeping, bro. I'm deeply asleep right now. Move on please".

  8. Thanks, that's adorable! It's cool to see how active Shorty is!

  9. He's my favorite! Poofy tail and all!:D

  10. Shorty looks so much like my own cat, down to the white patch on the belly, fluffy tail and all! Love her!

  11. Shorty's more energetic than Bijou is, but Bijou will chase lasers until l she figures out she can't catch them. That's when she stops. Shorty's apparently more of a goofball.

  12. my girl Charlie is grey but pretty much identical, beautiful cat…for a good laugh check out "best reaction ever"… shorty kills it without even meaning to…

  13. she is so playful I just wish my cat would be same like her

  14. Relax My Cat - Relaxing Music for Cats says:

    Great video, great channel!

  15. Your cat jumps quite high. Black cats are beautiful.

  16. How about when they grab your ankle n the dark game. I call it "Made U jump"

  17. That cats got cabin fever. Maybe let them outside

  18. Fluff, puff, love and stuff!!😍😼
    Shorty: Still crazy after all these years!

  19. I love when they hide under things and they think they're invisible but their tails are showing :54

  20. Shorty is very athletic 😊💕💕

  21. Move on. Nothing to see here! Move…oh, hi, Dad! 👑👹🌠💖

  22. She's always emotionally too highly charged! Isn't she?

  23. Looks like spring fever! Do the kitties ever go out on leash?

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