Shorty's Crazy Games -

Shorty’s Crazy Games

Sho Ko
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Just a few of the games Shorty likes to play.


  1. I love the way she runs sideways as if her front and back ends were different beings.

  2. Looks like spring fever! Do the kitties ever go out on leash?

  3. She's always emotionally too highly charged! Isn't she?

  4. Move on. Nothing to see here! Move…oh, hi, Dad! 👑👹🌠💖

  5. Shorty is very athletic 😊💕💕

  6. I love when they hide under things and they think they're invisible but their tails are showing :54

  7. Fluff, puff, love and stuff!!😍😼
    Shorty: Still crazy after all these years!

  8. That cats got cabin fever. Maybe let them outside

  9. How about when they grab your ankle n the dark game. I call it "Made U jump"

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