Sierra Canyon vs Etiwanda EPIC REMATCH Ended W/ CRAZY GAME WINNER In Regional Finals! -

Sierra Canyon vs Etiwanda EPIC REMATCH Ended W/ CRAZY GAME WINNER In Regional Finals!

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The match anticipated re-match between Sierra Canyon and Etiwanda ended in a crazy game winner. Winner faces the winner of Sheldon vs Bishop O’Dowd in the State Championship!
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  1. Etiwanda couldn’t have bought a good call those last 3 minutes

  2. There was hella turnovers. Das how u know they were really trying

  3. I seen at least 37 fouls in the last 2 mins lol…Sierra canyon missed on about 4 buckets Tryna dunk each play

  4. Nobody talking about Nick Young sitting in the handicap section of the bleachers?

  5. If S.C. would go for the easy layup instead of trying to throw down monstrous dunks all the time, they'd score many more points.

  6. People saying the refs let them play at the end yeah when the black team was up by 10 this is an robbery all they had to do was call the fouls on both ends and sc would’ve lost simple

  7. These young guys plays more defense than the guys in the NBA..

  8. Sierra canyon really fouled etiwanda the last 3 minutes of the game cuz it was the only way to win smh. Refs should be fired that shiii

  9. Chia sẻ hay quá bạn ơi. chúc sớm thành công

  10. Cali HS refs 😂. The ones in Florida aint better its pure robbery in the playoffs and state games. Montverde though…no refs can erase that 50 point lead 😂

  11. (These the types of refs that James Harden fears the most)

  12. 0:34 nick young noticed one of the cheer leader 💛💛💛

  13. bro these refs omg 🤦🏾‍♂️😂😭

  14. Does anybody know the songs name at the beginning?

  15. Man everytime I watch Sierra play I'm hype watching BJ Boston, man that kid is a bucket waiting to happen. Also Amari putting dude shot on the backboard with both hands. Plus the full court press & game winner was lit. This was a great game 💯!

  16. A true definition of experienced and non experienced 👌🏾 that's a good win

  17. Its all williams and boston the whole game

  18. Congrats to SC i been watching these guys for years … but imma say this .. this it’s a difference between public school and private schools.. SC better get more players like AB on they team cuz he’s the only one willing to put up a fight. far as bronny I hate the way he dribbles it don’t fit he’s game play . He also had a good season.. This is gonna be Amari Baileys team next season .. I rooting for him to step up major .. coming from a state championship last season him and frank and Harlod are the only ones from last season… I’m also looking for harlod Yu.. to develop more over the off season and be confident in the paint and with his shooting I see a Yao Ming in him …

  19. 🔥
    🏀🏀🏀 Love NBA🏀🏀🏀
    0:30 💕💛
    👇 👇 👇 👇 👇💯

  20. I'm watching this game sierra quad teaming the guy every body after the ball this crazy

  21. 14:56 why tf is the white boy pushing bronny like that boy he don’t know u

  22. If you pause on 13:17 you can see it’s a two on one fast break and dumb ass number four decides to stop. Smh🤦‍♂️ they could’ve built a bigger lead but this nigga wants to stop, one of the reasons why they lost.

  23. The last minutes of the game is hilarious ☠️☠️.

  24. Anyone here after watching the documentary?

  25. Who’s here After LeBron & Williams played in a NBA game against each other? 💯

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