Sierra Canyon vs Etiwanda EPIC REMATCH Ended W/ CRAZY GAME WINNER In Regional Finals! -

Sierra Canyon vs Etiwanda EPIC REMATCH Ended W/ CRAZY GAME WINNER In Regional Finals!

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The match anticipated re-match between Sierra Canyon and Etiwanda ended in a crazy game winner. Winner faces the winner of Sheldon vs Bishop O’Dowd in the State Championship!
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  1. Promote these refs the the Nba ! NBA refs too soft now a days 💤

  2. Now this is why I love High School Basketball! Wow!!!

  3. wonder why they just refuse to put a scoreboard ?

  4. Big shot tho! Those boys wanted that title good game both teams SC with the win

  5. HORRIBLE coaching by the Etiwanda in the last 3 mins SMH up 10 with 3 mins left in the game 🤦🏽‍♂️ S/O to SC for applying that pressure 🔥

  6. These damn refs must be after a 10 day contract in the NBA or something…

  7. That was 1 of the greatest comebacks 💪🏾✊🏾👏🏾❣

  8. Amari got to be the first player I’ve seen wearing double arm sleeves in high school

  9. boys was playing football at the end. 🤣

  10. Bronny playing great defense in crucial time

  11. Etiwanda scored 0 points in the last 3:03. Now that is some good defense.

  12. Y’all gotta zoom out a tad. And don’t follow the ball.

  13. Look at all the James harden hoopers crying for fouls 😂😂

  14. Good game but KEE KEE is sooooo annoying at the end.

  15. These refs fucking suck lmao etiwanda was robbed

  16. I’m surprised the coach ain’t calling any timeouts in the last three mins

  17. Damn Sierra canyon has lebron James jr. Zair wade and yao ming son🤣🤣

  18. who else peeped josh in the back getting hype 😂

  19. I wish Sierra canyon could play Sheldon highschool for the state championship but they can’t play because the coronavirus

  20. Number 10 for sierra is the best player he has that killer instinct and is only a sophomore.

  21. All I'm going to say is that it really pays to have Lebron's son on your team… at the end of that game the other team was being butchered

  22. How’d they play em twice in the playoffs

  23. Bronny got subbed out real quick. Y’all stop hyping this kid up just cause he got clout lmao be different if he was on the same energy that Mikey kid on

  24. Etiwanda should have won no doubt. Shit refs. Whenever they pressed, nothing they did wasnt a foul. Smh

  25. Bronny really can't do much playing against this kind of competition
    Later he had a nice pass but it ain't easy against top tier players

  26. Yo this is literally a Supra dope game, when you hit a shot like this off a comeback you understand the excitement the players went through!

  27. Ima just go ahead and say this… Bronny sucks.

  28. Bronny gotta come harder just cause his name


  30. Etiwanda thought they had the game… nope

  31. Sierra waited until 3 to go down 10 to start trying.. also why didn’t #4 take the free layup around 13:15 ?

  32. Best complete game of defense that I've seen from S.C. Dope game.

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