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Speed Run with Outtakes | Getting Over It | 4 minutes 30 seconds

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This is my version of Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy.

As of recording I got the new world record, only to discover I was beaten by alex300 with 4 mins 10… And as of right now he’s at 3 mins 2 seconds… Man – That is going to be quite unbeatable I bet. It half killed me creating this video to get to the time i achieved.

I was thinking of creating a follow up video where I will go over the entire level with some helpful pointers of how to tackle them? Comment on the video if you would appreciate that. Enjoy the game!!!

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  1. When I play that game it lags every 5 to 10 seconds and it keeps on messing me up. It didn’t use to happen though so can anyone tell me why it’s happening?

  2. Next time, use a drawing tablet or use touch screen.

  3. I'm kind of curious if scratches collision bugs have something to do with floating points.

  4. this is the land where griffpatch deletes his projects

  5. In love with that! I subscribed too! 😀

  6. Good,can you tell me how to do it ?

  7. thought the game name should've been "scratching over it"

  8. ive been speedrunning this game, and i got a 1 min 40 sec speedrun!!

  9. I think the mountain is made of all Scratch blocks and sprites.

  10. My friend almost peed his pants because he was almost to space but then fell

  11. You can literally FEEL this man breathing in this video

  12. Oh my gosh man, I was nearly finishing the game, The fact that i am a 9 year old kid…


  14. Hi griffpatch wanna know may game??

  15. It’s so weird looking at griffpatch’s old videos and him raging 😂. Great recreation!

  16. Don't worry about you're second attempt, it was still much better than me. You're comments in the game helped and motivated me a lot. Thanks for you're great games.

  17. I'm 15, that 1:13 and 3:22 part when I was playing it waste so many minutes, I finished it by 13 :30 and 45 mins. I have been fall about 3 times, funny enough once maybe final I had went almost top probably 3:13 there, my system lag spikes and fall off down into bottom water lol that so the 45 mins reset
    As the same time, I don't frustrate but I smile, I learned and that's okay I just keep going, after that
    it was much faster to took me about 1-2 mins to getting up again. Good Game.

  18. why do you play this horrible game? Its so frustrating!

  19. it's funny how the creator didn't have the 1# world record

  20. this game is graet for angry people like me

  21. 4:51 "Ohh, I am a happy griffpatch"
    Good for you!

  22. joder por la culpa de tu juego rompi mi mouse

  23. Don't judge me, but I seriously can't reach the book section at 1:16. I don't know why its so hard for me.

  24. Idk how but i beat you record of this game in 2 days

  25. Hehe, here I can hear you aggressively humming— 6:40

  26. I completed it in 32 minutes, 6 or 8 times fell, checked the real game tutorial all time, and completed, I am good! thank god it's easier than the real getting over it…Thanks for making this free getting over it, like no do not ride snake, no bucket, and before I completed 1st time, I played like 7 or 10 times? practice, and practice, and practice and…done! thank you for making this awesome game! 🙂

  27. also do this give golden thing after completing it 100 times?

  28. I wan to see the narrator (you) talk to you!

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