StarCraft 2: CRAZY GAME - 250+ Worker Kills?! (Nice vs Spirit) -

StarCraft 2: CRAZY GAME – 250+ Worker Kills?! (Nice vs Spirit)

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Crazy game of professional StarCraft 2 between Nice (Protoss) and Spirit (Terran). Nice decides to play a Protoss build that reminds me of the way that Zerg players play. Lots of Probes, lots of expansions and tons of Zealots. Spirit is forced to play defensively, but deals damage with Medivac drops around the map.

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StarCraft 2 is a military science fiction real-time strategy video game developed and released by Blizzard Entertainment.

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  1. Nice saw the legacy of the void trailer and was like I could do that!

  2. Every time i play starcraft 1 protoss this is how i play it just expand and macro zealots

  3. I wonder how many thousands of dmg EMP did in this match?

  4. MMM is op. Not surprised.

  5. With the constant Medivacdrops taking down Probes, I would love to see more updates on units lost, atleast workers killed, since that is the main strategy of the Terran during midgame.

  6. Very interesting video indeed. Curious to watch how despite a huge economic advantage in income, bad trades can disrupt a game plan. Very interesting.
    How can the Protoss capitalize better that income advantage?


    i think a few prisms and more run-bys would really have been good for nice.. at this level he should have enough micro to do that?

  8. I like how Nice is always poking the medivacs with his phoenixes. Just a couple shots here and there and backing out.

  9. Game of the tournament was big gabe in the semi finals game 2 I believe.

  10. This game was kind of boring in comparison to many of the hero marine games where games swung from the commentators saying “that’s GG” to the other player winning

  11. That emp makes this game look so lame. It just did way too much damage to that army.

  12. pretty sure the terran dominion has a patented dna sequence for jimmy the marine and they just keep cloning him over and over

  13. Lowko any time Protoss doesn’t go skytoss.
    “I love this strategy”

  14. I'm scarred. Not a single engagement Nice to was good yet the game was way too close

  15. You know what… With 2 stargates for drops this zerglot strategy might work very well.
    I mean, you can EMP them and they can take it

  16. What a fun match. Thank you lowko for the always so entertaining cast

  17. Serral, Reynor, Dark, and Rogue went a combine 21-0 against Protoss and Terran at Katowice. 😳

  18. Why did nice just keep slamming into the same choke point?

  19. Geez. This wasn't a battle, it was an entire war

  20. This is the zergest protoss game I have ever seen

  21. terran is just pure bullshit. they have all the kits to counter the other 2 races.

  22. The Protoss wasting his Units..unbeliveable. Why not more Defens? 3 or 4 more Cannons on the Expo and he will be save.

  23. Nova is OP confirmed in this match up. So much damage from a single spell. Lol love this style though I want to see more NICE!

  24. I would have loved to see some teleporting dark templar in the protoss army. Would have killed me to see a heavy switch by Spirit into banshee since protoss had so little that could attack up there.

  25. That 50+ zealot attack was very anti climatic… Plus the fact you missed the initial charge in.

  26. this strat makes me think of Has Eco cheese
    aggresive expansion to mass zealot flood

  27. Man I haven't played star craft 2 in over a decade. But I've been watching ur videos for months now. I've been wanting to start playing again. But I played destiny 2 and if u know anything about that game, you know it's a damn life commitment….😑. Keep the great vids up bro! Love em all! You explain everything and just casting in general is amazing! Keep that hustle up bro! 😉

  28. 154 + 97 = 251

    so the title IS technically correct, but barely.

  29. As a long-time protoss, Nice's play was hard to watch. He attacked into the same base (the 3rd/4th) without doing much damage to Spirit's production. It must have been tough, and it was a banger of a match, but I think is was Nice's game to lose in the midgame.

  30. only thing we need next is for nice to build macro nexus

  31. What does Lowko mean when he says making a B-Line?

  32. 08:20 Oh Lowko, surely Terran has now a Shieldbattery instead of a Supplydepot xD

  33. I always wondered what would happen if a skilled player went zerg with another race. I've seen a terran that does it with mass ravens, but I've also never seen him win a tournament.

  34. What a game. Spirit has been a dark horse these couple months

  35. 1 cannon behind the minerals in top right and 3 o clock base save way more than that worth of probes from liberators.

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