StarCraft 2: CRAZY GAME - Overlord All-In?! (Bly vs Dream) -

StarCraft 2: CRAZY GAME – Overlord All-In?! (Bly vs Dream)

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One of the craziest games of professional StarCraft 2 I have ever seen. In this game Bly decides to go for a proxy Hatchery with Roaches and Ravagers versus Dream on the map Purity and Industry. A chaotic game ensues as Dream manages to hold on initially and decides to take the island expansion.

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StarCraft 2 is a military science fiction real-time strategy video game developed and released by Blizzard Entertainment.

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  1. Me coming back to sc2 after 6 years:

    "Oh so Terran/Mules are still b.s. "

    To think Bly contained and did all that worker damage to be even while up 30 supply.

  2. just wow. I enjoy watching more then playing i think

  3. Your videos are always super entertaining. Thank you!

  4. 12 O'clock start is Purity, 3 O'clock start is Industry

  5. You can mass charge an Overlords just to confuse anti air units while your ground forces wipe them out , if you have the resources its worth it especially if you block the enemy's own view (Strength in numbers)

  6. Seems like Terran is the only race that has all these crutches that forgive poor play.
    Get your scvs destroyed? Mules
    Losing battle but opponents has no air units? Lift off to force the draw
    Don’t for for detection? Scan

    None of the other classes have such forgiving mechanics that can keep them in the game when they’re outmatched like Terran

  7. Dream: Well I'm dead guess I'll move across the map.
    Bly: Curse you! My one weakness!

  8. This game remembers me of the games i used to have when i was 6 years old but on a professional level XD

  9. That was amazing, i am not even I don't know what

  10. At 15 min I was sure I knew who was going to win… I was wrong! What happened?

  11. 3:17 Bunkers can't? Well.. In patch 5.0.0, full bunkers can be loaded up into CC's and then shoot out from them, and fly around!

  12. Man this click bait is huge, but what's really amazing here is the proof of how overpowered and imba Terran is. Zerg wiped out the entire terran drones count several time over, and yet terran won without even trying.

  13. That zerg player was making me really angry I'm glad he lost.

  14. Overlords were MVPs indeed, however, they wouldn't be having Dream properly accommodated MISSILE SYSTEM slots on the supplied platform according to the game manufacturer recommendation 😉 14:50

  15. The 12020 is very diferent. But you would call it 2020.

  16. Nice game..nice comeback..too bad that Bly didnt win..I really apreciate Bly for playing something different than a clasic/boring/safe build orders… Anyway I dont understand why he lost the game…probably he should have changed tech… Mass zerglings ?Or maybe lurkers could have done the trick since most of the energy were used for mules?

  17. Man, i hate how good miles are. What a fuckin joke, Terran low eco is so strong it’s insane

  18. The amount of bullshit terran can do so stupid

  19. You know what I would have loved when this map was in the pool?
    For a zerg to take the island base, early, being cheeky
    Or Protoss but feel like it would be less conventional for a Zerg to

  20. Couldn't afford a few queens at home to take out medivacs. Lost the game from a 40/6 worker lead. Impressive. The whole game impressive. So fun(and heart breaking) to watch!

  21. This one was one of the most awesome ZvT ever :O

  22. Bly makes zero anti air and dies to medivacs; come on bly…

  23. Seeing it more than one year afterwards. Damn, Bly plays badly compared to how good he is today. No creep spread, no expansion, terrible defence. It is crazy how much pros had improved in a span of an year and a half.

  24. I honestly find your commentary to be vastly more entertaining than any I’ve heard. Pretty impressive, mate.

  25. Disgusting…. 6 SCVs, still has eco to contest and beat a 45+ drone zerg

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