StarCraft 2: CRAZY GAMES - 1v1 with Co-op Commanders! -

StarCraft 2: CRAZY GAMES – 1v1 with Co-op Commanders!

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Two fun games of StarCraft 2 played in the “All stars: Co-op PvP mod by KingCobra”. In these two games we see players playing with Stukov, Zagara, Fenix and Zeratul in 1v1 matches.

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StarCraft 2 is a military science fiction real-time strategy video game developed and released by Blizzard Entertainment.

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  1. So, how do people beat Mengsk P3 in this mod? It's going to be hard trying to beat bunker drops given the full inhumane troopers strategy.

  2. Would like this to be a regular thing. Maybe once every 2 weeks or so, not too often. So it stays entertaining, like the nornal viewer games.

  3. Hope we see more co op commander pvp casting

  4. Zeratul be like: im too weak
    gets 3 artifacts : Unlimited Power !

  5. I miss Starcraft 2 Coop so much… But I won't play a Blizzard game as long as Bobby is the CEO of Activision Blizzard….

  6. Just more proof that fenix is trash as a co op commander

  7. I found a way how to destroy lategame mass thors, they had like 25 maxed thors, but I had 30 broodlords and 20 queens 😀

  8. Harstem once declared that he wouldn’t lose a single probe in a 1v1 fight against coop player. I want to see him proved that claim.

  9. Fenix should have used stasis from arbiter form on Imbatul instead of fighting him, then switched to another suit for mana regen, repeat. It would gives Fenix heroes a chance to destroy all bases of omni-Z. Couguar used this trick on Kerrigan of Alex007 some time ago. However it requires quite a good multitask, even Cou failed that trick after a few stasises XD

  10. This was an april fools official thing about 3 years ago.
    I think the most OP cheese was rushing Raynor bio straight across the map.

  11. Commenting for the algorithm. I like these. And random vs random makes it extra exciting.

  12. why the fuck would you allow zeratul unchanged in this? it's the most braindead coop commander by a mile

  13. First game the fenix player just need to freeze the hero unit and everything.

  14. Lokow “I haven’t played the campaign in a long time the zeratul is going to attack and I don’t know he maby has changed full evil in the campaign”. Me a big fan of zeratul, he’s dead!!!

  15. Playing Zeratul with Knowledge Seeker(prestige 2) doesn't require you to build a army. The only thing you need to do is to buy time for Zeratul to become super op with like 900 shields and 250 damage attacks/cleave.

  16. The fact that the Fenix in the first round didn't get a single upgrade makes me sad. Fenix is so upgrade reliant (in my opinion) that playing him without them is not even worth it.

  17. Thanks for introducing us this mod. It was action and fun! 🙂

  18. more nonconventional/moded matches please, very fun and fresh

  19. I love this}
    I was thinking haw would some of the coop units behave in multy, but heroes and powers?
    Freaking awesome. I wonder how our great savour Mensk plays.

    I really like that Lowko does some more odd games outside of the standard PVP.

  20. That was amazing, I did not expect to laugh at the craziness of these games

  21. That second game is such a roller coaster of emotions


  22. It is interesting that Zagara was featured in the 2nd battle of the mod… What prestige is she set as? I recalled there was a bug in the 1st prestige where her total supply count can't reach 150. Would this ever get fixed?

  23. How could I be able to play with different commanders

  24. Really cool! This and the custom factions are some of my favorite vids in a while

  25. That last game was the bomb. Base trade with us thinking Zag lost but got the win instead.

  26. Templar could have won without much trouble, he just had to put Zeratul in stasis and destroy everything. He can even chain stasis him.

  27. This has the same charm of playing fighting games with your friends as little kids. No care for balance by neither you nor the devs, just picking whatever looks cool or fun and having a blast doing crazy shit.

  28. This mod really needs to use peacetime, otherwise things like p3 dehaka would be OP

  29. it is posible to play vs PC? or just real players?

  30. That first game was probably the longest game in the tournament

  31. honestly you could get xelnaga void arrays then enforcers from robo and from that point it's over

  32. Me and my dad have been using this mod for ages. It’s been great. If you make a custom game and go into “mods” it will be on the first or second kinda section of it…

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