StarCraft 2: CRAZY GAMES - 1v1 with Co-op Commanders! -

StarCraft 2: CRAZY GAMES – 1v1 with Co-op Commanders!

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Two fun games of StarCraft 2 played in the “All stars: Co-op PvP mod by KingCobra”. In these two games we see players playing with Stukov, Zagara, Fenix and Zeratul in 1v1 matches.

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StarCraft 2 is a military science fiction real-time strategy video game developed and released by Blizzard Entertainment.

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  1. i've played coop commanders pvp for a while and i have to say on my list of "most op abilities/combos" is:
    1: stealth mode nova – my goodness is this overpowered, you can literally nuke an entire army with her nukes, you can instakill whole mineral lines with a sabotage bot not to mention the griffin airstrikes which can wipe out either an entire mineral line or heavily damage / kill an army.
    2: Vorazun – This combo is a bit more complicated but i'll give you the run down
    Step 1: dark shrine in enemy base
    Step 2: recall entire army to dark shrine
    Step 3: destroy all of the opponents infrastructure
    Also time stop, time stop is incredibly frustrating.
    3: Zeratul – man literally walks into your base, wipes a mineral line, instantly moves out. can also tp cannons into main base to kill your infrastructure

    4: mengsk – nuclear Armageddon wipes entire armies off the map, enthralled zerg can be useful to soften up an army, can also harrass mineral lines with drop podded dominion troopers, if you go with the right prestige that makes your troopers explode on death when your troopers drop, buy them a gun and the enemy can say sayonara to that mineral line if they kill your troopers

    Bear in mind this is only a list of some of the most broken individual abilities and upgrades. This isn't so much covering the most broken army/overall build.

  2. Props to Urono! I remember him from the viewer/fan tournament stream!

  3. I love these more unorthodox games like Co-op 1v1s, team games, 4th races, and monobattles

  4. With the right balancing this could be basically StarCraft 2.5

  5. That 1st match took me back to my HoTS days watching Zeratul zip around and insta kill everything.

  6. Day 3 of asking Lowko for that custom race video again

  7. never thought I would see this here, so amazing

  8. I think there is a similar mod in the Chinese server where they made 2 key balance changes:
    1. the main base starts with a turret that has crazy range, crazy hp, and crazy damage. The turret self destructs at 10 min. It basically prevents your probes getting killed the moment the first calldowns are available.
    2. All nexus/CC/hatchery provide a massive damage reduction aura to any workers around them, to the point that an scv will soak up 2 reaper shots if it's in the mineral line.

  9. Fenix's rush at 3:46 Rating: 0/10

    Reason? No Zerglings used.

    I hope no one takes this seriously lol

  10. Network Administer is a prestige that buffs Fenix Heroes, reduces all non heroes HP, Damage and cost by 50%. That's why Zertal can 2 shot a carrier

  11. While 110% unbalanced for this sort of play… I totally support the idea being explored more. It has the potential to make for some epic games with hilarious unheard of strategies if it were balanced around VS play…

  12. Alex007 made some awesome FFA with commanders. Screw normal SC

  13. Can we please see more of these games? I'd really like to see a Mengsk or Stetmann played with this mod.

  14. I honestly think this is the direction that RTS should be going. I loved the addition of the co-op commanders and seeing them in PVP is awesome.

  15. please more of these !!! <3
    i've been waiting for these mods to be played by pro players

  16. Would love to see more game casts of this particular mod

  17. It's so cool to see you cast more nonstandard games.

  18. That Fenix player was driving me nuts– going for tons of zealots that just get two-shot in whirlwind and like never get to attack. Gotta go Adepts with the auto-shade double attack. Then, even though they'll probably get two-shot with whirlwind as well, at least they're ranged so they can all get shots off, and with the shade doubles they can probably help get rid of Zeratul a bunch faster. Just my opinion.

  19. I think they should give probes more HP…

  20. Karax + Solarite Celestial and his orbital strikes would be scary af

  21. Omg. Are there more of these replays?! I need more!

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  23. That stukov match was much closer than expected

  24. I genuinely love this stuff, maybe we get to see Lowko playing these against others in the future?

  25. Fenix micro and over all decision making so baaAAad

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