StarCraft 2: CRAZY GAMES - The Next GSL Code S Champion? (Creator vs herO) -

StarCraft 2: CRAZY GAMES – The Next GSL Code S Champion? (Creator vs herO)

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Two amazing games of StarCraft 2 between Creator and herO. These two Protoss players are not afraid to get aggressive, as becomes obvious within the first few minutes of this video.

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StarCraft 2 is a military science fiction real-time strategy video game developed and released by Blizzard Entertainment.

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  1. This is so wrong all the faction infighting. It keeps both protos and terran from killing zerg! Zerg deserve to die…

  2. "mute me for the next minute or so"
    proceeds to show pictures

  3. i think you need to find another creator vs hero game to decide this bo3

  4. Did Creator start building glaive adepts at 12 minutes to counter mass zealot army he suspected was coming because he saw only 2 gas in game#1? I mean that guy is a genius or I am an idiot and am completely misreading the play. But I sure loved it! <3 Also rooting for the underdog, just having a protoss in the finals is pretty exciting 🙂

  5. "I'm casting two games of these two" I think you spoiled the first match lol

  6. So, I muted for exactly a minute as instructed to avoid spoilers, and when I unmuted it was to the second accurate for the spoiler. I'm not mad at all, that was just plain funny. 😀

  7. When a second game started I was so confused since the scoreboard said Bo1 but I was very happy that I got to watch more 🙂

  8. I like the way that both probes cross path right at the middle of the map (15:57)

  9. How do you submit a fan game? I love your channel so much btw your biggest fan

  10. player does anything:
    Lowko: fair enough

  11. You know what would be cool? If archons could blink

  12. Rouge almost always wins GSL after he wins the Ro8 litterally smashing all competition.

    Hopefully creator can give him a challenge and take some games perhaps even taking a little series for his first finals in a long time.

  13. Ahh one of the few match-ups were the Protos has a good chance of winning.

  14. Thank you for the warn of the spoiler
    A timer with the end of the spoil would be top notch !

  15. He's telling the truth when he calls starcraft 2 good "old", and it makes me sad.

  16. Now that was really good : ) Fun matches 😀

  17. I really like the Phoenix use in the first game. Punish any retreat.

  18. "Step Stalker" 😂 Stalker you gotta help me I'm stuck

  19. It's nice to hear Lowko wanting a protoss to win against a zerggg 🙂

  20. Sorry if I have no idea what I'm talking about but if someone wins the hardest tournament does that not make them the world champion? Also was Serral there? My worldview is hurt…

  21. Everytime I hear 'anyhow' I hear hello in Mandarin…

  22. "not that i hate uneven numbers, but this is odd." – how could you miss this perfectly laid out pun lowko? xD

  23. I snorted at that "stepstalker… (I'm stuck)" unfinished joke.
    We know where Lowko's random thoughts go…

  24. Lowko not fixing the scoreboard seems to intimidating me more than I expected

  25. "It should be 10 or 8, not 9. It's not like I dislike odd numbers, but…" OCD has three letters… coincidence?

  26. What makes the GSL Code S "the hardest tournament in starcraft 2"? It's all-Korean. How can a tournament without the likes of Serral, Reynor, and Clem be a harder tournament than, say, the world championship, which includes the best Korean and foreign players?

  27. Can we talk about void prisms range for picking up units? Cause a 4:59 that pickup was from SO FAR away, like damn….

  28. Does anyone know where I can watch the GSL Code S Finals live when they happen this saturday?

  29. well creator lost after putting up a good fight !! 4-2

  30. Lowko …. Lowko 9 is a realy nice number. I'll explain: take 9 and multiplay it by any number and you get a number that will ad up to 9 again…. 3 x 9 = 27… 2+7 =9 3145 x 9 = 28.305 and you guessed it 2+8+3+5 makes 18…. 1+8 yeah equals 9 again. Nine is a beautiful mumber (also for its prenounciation…. no… NEIN). I'll rest my case!

  31. I hope herO wins GSL season 2 this year.

  32. Lowko, i really have to tell you.
    9 is a MUCH, MUCH superior number compared to "either 8 or 10".

    Sure, you can't devide it by two. Therefore you can't have 9 kids put together and make them walk two by two while holding hands.

    But gateways aren't kids. They don't have hands.
    Gateways are buildings. They need to be parked on a 2D space. I believe top notch architects use to call it: "the ground".

    2D is area, surface. How do you park your gateways at the end of the game, once the simcity is done and you won the game and now you need to clean nicely this new ground you just gained over those pesky zergs, ugly humans, or heretical wrong color protosses?

    You put them in shapes of REGULAR POLYGONS. Such as squares. Like 3×3 = 9.

    You don't put them in rank of two by two, as if they were stupid kids who need to hold hands not to walk under a car.
    That would make a rectangle.
    Rectangles are by definition not regular.
    Now some blind or stupid people might object that regular rectangle do exist, and are called squares.
    But HA HA, my point exactly!
    They are so ashamed to be called rectangles that they COMPLETELY CHANGE THEIR NAMES.
    Note how no other regular polygon does that.
    Regular triangles are just called regular triangles. Regular hexagons are just called regular hexagons.
    What is a regular rectangle?
    A square.
    Nobody likes rectangles. Everybody loves square.

    Next time you'll go 10 gateways, I hope you'll do like I do, like the real heroes do. Those who'd rather kill that unwanted child themself, than park them in rectangles.

    I hope i cured your weird obsession.

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