Stoat kills rabbit ten times its size - Life | BBC -

Stoat kills rabbit ten times its size – Life | BBC

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Watch the BBC first on iPlayer 👉 The crazy games of young stoats help them develop the killer tactics they need to catch their prey. As rabbits are fast moving, quick-turning, and ten times bigger, the slim-lined stoats must develop their hunting skills early to stand any chance of catching these relative giants. Despite their small size and short legs, stoats can carry on going where their prey might start flagging.

Life | Episode 7 | BBC

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  1. I recently watched a hoat comin new into a territory where rabbits have been before, the Rabbits have been dislocated now.

  2. What the…so much power? poor rabbit killed by a mean Timon's cousin.

  3. Rabbits probably thought this was a joke and were laughing.

  4. Red Alert 2 Player : That only one spider kiil all your tank 💀💀💀

  5. Cop: i stopped you because you were speeding
    Me: everybody else was speeding too 😢. Why dont you stop them too.

  6. Psst.. the stoat is chasing Harvey. I never did like Harvey….

  7. That rabbit is obviously an orphan. Everybody else has family and theyre just like "Sucks to be you",.

  8. Those other rabbits were thinking thank God it was not me today for a meal. Sorry to see you go, Charlie!

  9. Another rabbit came late to the mix: “Hey Harry I came here… oh uh oh… I see you got this under control. Don’t mind me.” 1:22

  10. Its not size that matters most, but willpower

  11. "ten times its size" lmao it's barely thrice its size

  12. Holy smokes that’s a very intelligent kill 😮

  13. The other rabbits- "Hey, leave my friend alo… oh, never mind."

  14. في الإتحاد قوة … كان من الأحسن لو أن الأرانب الأخرى حاولت المساعدة على الأقل.

  15. Eddie Webb. At Feeling The Freedon Ministry says:

    The other rabbits could have helped their brother out but just sat there and watched him get killed by the stoat, what a bunch of cowards

  16. I was reminded about this yesterday at a fight night after witnessing an MMA fight where 5ft 3" bloke absolutely mauled a guy that was 5ft 11".

  17. Rabbits are some of the most stupid animals in the world, but they are also some of the fastest reproducing…

  18. Too bad the other rabbits don't help, one was right there looking, didn't raise one darn paw to help.

  19. Why the stupid music? Do we need to be told when to express our emotions?

  20. That little think can kill the rabbit? Who else can kill the rabbit? Is Ebglead dead?

  21. Don't worry prick old fool, I didn't showed mercy as the rabbit didn't make much noise or a cry for help!

  22. This no surprise bunnies not predators! Even squirrels scared of birds

  23. Guess that’s why they were introduced to New Zealand

  24. The rabbit is bigger but the stoat bites the rabbits neck so its the stoats meal🎉

  25. It can't be bargained with. It can't be reasoned with. It doesn't feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will not stop… ever, until you are dead!

  26. none are shot in forest.

    they are private farms

  27. Damn buddy must've pissed him off being he's the only one for dinner…

  28. The fact that the Stoat is going after just that one specific rabbit must mean it got issue with her which is why he go for the kill on just only her. Either that or she had fresher meat than the other rabbits.

  29. And people be like: Noooo! that poor rabbit it's so cute 😰

  30. i just love how those other rabbits are just standing idly by. Just enjoying the show i guess..

  31. Mindset is huge. Rabbits are prey and they act like it.

  32. Those guys are cold blooded, you will not find me making fun of Stoats

  33. Sometimes, you're better off standing your ground and fight a bully. They're not expecting you to do that.
    Had the rabbit done that, he could have landed a few bites and scratches of his own.

  34. Sad the other rabbits don't even try to come up for the rabbit

  35. I want to kill the f***ing anmal 😡😡😡

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