Strange Video Games I Played as a Kid -

Strange Video Games I Played as a Kid

Jaiden Animations
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These games almost gave me a nostalgic aneurysm

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  1. I was literally watching another video when I came across this video and I was about to go back to the other video but this video is so entertaining that… Omg

  2. Pokémon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is the best games

  3. Yah I used to play battle of bikini bottom and I loved it but it was hard because of the gravity and whenever you had to leave you would have to remember a code to go back to playing later

  4. Found and subbed to this channel for the Pokémon content, stayed for the videos like this 😂

  5. I remember my Spongebob Plug and Play, I also had a Pac-Man one, guess what game it played.

  6. Hey Jaiden I have had allergies and you make my week great I hope you see this (you probably won't) but still, you make the best animations and I hope you have a great week.

  7. Spongebob: dies in water also spongebob:breathes water

  8. I laugt at da part when u made animation version of all da barbies dancing

  9. Hello. Will you let me translate the video "Strange video games, i played as a kid" into Russian? Thank you in advance. Best regards, wempis se

  10. Can we appreciate the fan art? I love how so many ppl have so much talent and different styles.

  11. I had the powerpuff girls game. I also had the scavenger hunt one on GBA.

  12. if you didn't know they came out with a new spongebob battle for bikini bottom for nintendo switch

  13. I love how Jaiden can just draw picture-perfect spongebob characters

  14. But ps4 version, which is 3D and much harder, and new and they actually fight

  15. Battle for bikini bottom on gamecube is awesome

  16. Spongebob is my favorite show too!! As a little kid and now always because he’s so happy!

  17. My dad and I had a Pac-Man plug and play!!

  18. Whats wierd is i have spongebob battle for bikini bottom on the ps4 (i had the original on the ps2) and it was nothing like that gameboy version. Its like a totally seperate game

  19. “Spongebob was my favourite tv show.”
    I love spongebob! You are a woman of culture.

  20. On the sponge bob game on the ps2 was ALOT better it was basically a different game with the name Spongebob Batte a for bikini bottom its really good try it sometime!

  21. i remember when this was the newest video on your channel

  22. "Should you do this? I don't care." – Jaiden 2019

  23. The Plankton bit is so faithful i thought its just the show being recorded.

  24. To be fair, the playstation/console version of Battle For Bikini Bottom centuries better. That game is the PEAK of my childhood and I will love it forever. And that's why I'm happy they rereleased it with better graphics.

  25. I used to only be able to play my GBA in my dad's guest bathroom. It was basically unusable anywhere else.


  27. Jaden if you are a gamer then play rec room VR

  28. Did you know that there are actually a variety of different versions of "Battle for Bikini Bottom"? They made a bunch of different versions for different gaming consoles. A remastered version even came out fairly recently.

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