Super Star Car (Crazy Games) [Free Games] -

Super Star Car (Crazy Games) [Free Games]

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Super Star Car (Crazy Games) [Free Games]


  1. Few tips as an expert in this game and world champion Super Star Car drivers –

    Hitting the opponent cars from behind will slow you down. If they are trying to overtake you while they are still behind just turn in front of them so that they will hit the back of your car and they will slow down. Plus I can’t believe how you’re still stuck at the bottom places of the very first race. Extremely noob driving.

  2. The car is just undrivable. It slows down every time I try to turn even if I don't pull the brakes.

  3. man i made this game with the company who made it and i can do better than that when you go round corner you are not meant to hold it you are only meant to tap like really quickly ok and when you are behind (directly) the car infront you can gain speed because it is called towing and if you dont know what that means in F1 then look it up

  4. In partenza ti fai colpire da dietro e dopo passi il primo tagliando l'ultima chicane o passandolo all'esterno

  5. This game is quite easy if you take a second to let go of the accelerator and think. @korki Games, you keep trying to overtake them and hit them back. Hitting the ai will not do u any good try braking and letting them pass you or going from the outside and overtaking. My timed record on the first map is 56.243 seconds.

  6. yo you dont have to breack, just keep holding the aceleration.

  7. super star car has been crashing a lot for me lately pls help 🙁

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