TABS devs GONE NUCLEAR! (That Crazy Game With Explosions and Time = TABS + Clustertruck) -

TABS devs GONE NUCLEAR! (That Crazy Game With Explosions and Time = TABS + Clustertruck)

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The TABS devs have done it again! That Crazy Game with Explosions and Time is Clustertruck + Nuclear Business + TABS

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That Crazy Game with Explosions and Time was made in 40 hours by Landfall games at the Nordic Game Jam in Viking-country, makers of Totally Accurate Battle Simulator (TABS for short), Clustertruck, TABZ and many others. They’re awesome. That’s my opinion. Nukes go boom. m’kay?

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  1. Happy Monday?! MONDAY?!?!? are you fuckin serious Baron?

  2. I tried it out and Baron made it look so much easier than it really is.

  3. Hey Baron, I know you haven’t done a viewer challenge in a long time but
    they were very entertaining and I hope you bring them back. in fact…

    Baron! you have to defend Scotland from a Viking attack! according to
    our scouts here is the enemy layout:

    12 Vikings: Primary armour push
    10 Footmen &
    8 Vikings in 4 columns: The bulk of the army
    10 Spears &
    6 Spearthrowers: Themselves
    12 Flanking raptors: Scouts
    8 Ninjas: Advanced scouts throwing hatchets
    14 Archers: Covering fire
    10 Shields: Advanced armour push
    4 Chicken men: Priests
    20 Footmen behind the bulk: Reinforcements
    6 Ballistae Themselves
    8 Flanking archers: Mercenaries
    20 Vikings in a spread out V: Finalising armour push

    -use 600$ less than Papa
    -these are medieval times so you can only use the crusades, vikings,
    greek and misc
    -no supers except axe and chicken man

    if it's too easy retire some of your men and see if you can beat it with
    if it's too hard ignore rules 2 & 3

  4. As soon as I saw this video thumb nail I clicked

  5. 1:43 How does one- Beep Beep like a sheep. Yes. I just did that.

  6. How is it tabs feels kind of click bait just cause it's made by landfall doesint mean it's tabs

  7. You are wasting time at the begining in all the rounds!!! You Can also youst climp and wall run!!!

  8. you should do 1000 Romans VS 2000 Zombies on UEBS

  9. When you realize that this game is basically the scene where quicksilver runs around in a exploding house saving people.

  10. When I play this game, it's super bright that the screen is white..

  11. Someone help. Whenever I download the game I boot it up and then click play and the screen is way too bright and I don't know what to do. Does anyone know what to do?

  12. The battle on bunker hill:
    Map: Japan the British meleers should jump up on the big hill from the trenches
    40 musket men as musket men
    10 theifs as the b-A-O-nets
    30 musket men as musket men
    20 peasants as people that didn't have guns
    5 ninjas as spies
    The British should win if not then give the British two cannons if the British win by a lot then give America one cannon if that does almost nothing then get rid of the British theifs (because the British took major casualties)
    This is a old suggestion if there are new characters that I don't know about I apologize

  13. that guy is like oh people is gonna die then says the thing about his cat and … who cares about the people :3

  14. That old guy sounds like Gru from Despicable Me lol

  15. Baron here's a Battle Suggestion!
    Battle of Hogwarts 2.0!

    Hogwart's Side-
    2 Beamers(Harry Potter)
    1 M16(Hermione)
    1 Barbarian(Ron)
    1 Ballista(Proffesor McGonnagal)
    1 Samurai Master(Neville)
    18 Archers(Gryffindor)
    14 Energy Pistols(Ravenclaw)
    14 Muskets(Hufflepuffs)
    1 Axeman(Hagrid)
    4 Vikings(Aurors)
    3 Barrel Rollers(EXPLOSION FROM SPELLS)
    Voldemort's Side-
    1 Chicken Man Man(Voldemort)
    1 Tesla(Bellatrix)
    6 Peasants(Horcruxes)
    8 Ninja Masters(Death Eaters)
    20 Samaria(Werewolves)
    8 Axemen(Giants)
    1 Chicken Man(Spider Brood Mother)
    16 Head Butters(Spiders)
    18 Energy Swords(Dementors)
    2 Barrel Rollers(EXPLOSIONS FROM SPELLS)

  16. I was thinking about Tabs having nuclear weapons.


  18. Oh my gosh he is QuickSilver saving the students from Professor X's school!😱

  19. I thought they added Nukes to tabs when I clicked on this video

  20. why the fuck is EVERY game on this channel now TABS + something else

  21. Been Playing Too Much BattleBits >.<

    i Dare You To Get into A Match And Fight Me LikeA Man

  22. Baron, your suggestion system isn't really fair to everyone.. It seems
    like it is, but this is how it pretty much works. Let's say you come,
    say, 7 hours later, and you leave a suggestion. too bad for you, because
    it never makes it. you have to be there within the first few minutes to
    get a suggestion featured, or it never sees the light of day. Almost
    nobody watches the video twice, so all the significant votes are already
    gone, and I hate it. That's how I see it anyways.

  23. battle of verdun

    blue team(frances)
    15 musket = verdun soldiers
    10 spearmen = bayonates
    3 ballistas = verdun tanks
    5 cannons = light tanks
    1 M16 = sentry
    1 samurai master = trench raider
    2 beamers = snipers
    1 catapult = artillary
    1 ninja master = the commander
    2 chariots = calvary

    red team(germans)
    20 muskets = german soldiers
    15 headbutters = bayonates
    1 ballista = heavy tank
    5 cannons = light tank
    1 hwacha = artillary
    1 M16 = sentry
    1 beamer = snipers
    1 chicken man = the commander
    2 chariots = calvary
    map = scottland

    ils ne passeront pas, mais le baron doit passer

  24. this is LITERALLY IDENTICAL to the quicksilver scene in xmen apocalypse

  25. AYYYYY Baron i think i figured out how those points work in the nuclear bomb game. It should be equal to the amount of time starting from the explosion of A bomb until the moment when he gets hit by the very last fallen brick/building. I used a timer to measure that period of time and compared those stats with the final scores. I would say they matched almost perfectly. I got two 4000+ scores during the tests when I dropped the nukes pretty far away from the target and it took a while to kill him.

  26. Can these fucks stop making this shit and TABZ and focus on TABS

  27. GuysI got a suggestion(for TABS)here,Baron and his allies attempt to do the chores
    (Red)Baronvs the washing up chores(blue)
    Barons team
    Baron=super boxer(1)
    Fly swatter=spear thrower(5)
    Cobweb duster= club(5)
    Washing machine =gravity dude(1)
    Trash compactor=1chariot

    His mum telling him to do the chores=ninja master
    Dust=20 peasants
    The aftershave that stings=ballista(2)
    Newspaper reports=Donald Trump(1)
    Feeding the pets=1 chariot
    Taking out the trash = hawacha
    Reading hate comments=20 swordsmen

    If the chores win add reading nice comments and wash away the haters(swordsmen)
    If you win add that one odd aunt to chores and bring in Hillary Clinton

  28. The who hits the building and turn it red

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