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Tennessee v Indiana (CRAZY GAME) | LLWS Winners Bracket | 2022 Little League World Series Highlights

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Tennessee and Indiana played in the winners bracket on the United States side in the 2022 Little League World Series. The winner would be just 1 win away from the United States Championship Game.

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  1. Where can I watch the whole game again? it never showed up on ESPN or ESPN+

  2. Satinoff and Kaden Hall are INSANE players, Hall looks like he should be playing in varsity in HS already LOL. Tennessee did a great job at keeping quality at bats when he was up there.

  3. Love how the excuse.. well the umpires are volunteers.. does that give them a reason to be absolutely horrible at their job?? Dear umpire behind the dish, the other batters box is in fact not a strike. Please quit forcing these kids to swing at pitches they can’t hit with w boat paddle.

  4. Inexperienced LL watcher here (haven't watched it since around 2000-2002, and then I only watched the local Minors age group)…

    What was the rule that allowed Satinoff to advance to 2nd base in the 7th inning? Was it that an overthrow still automatically gives you one base even if the ball ricochets back to the first baseman?

  5. What's the thought process behind putting the slowest kid you have in LF if you're Indiana?

  6. After watching this team closely evrey game so far, I can say that every time this team has faced adversity and come out of it with the win it starts with William satinof and jack Rhodes

  7. 3:08 Josiah actually only has one eye. But he plays pretty good for only one eye. i cant really see out of my right eye either, so i know his struggles.

  8. A fantastic game. These kids all played hard!

  9. Man, Indiana's kids and parents must feel so bad….Drive home safely.

  10. I can't imagine that Indiana's RF could be worse than their LF.

  11. Indianas left fielder is so trash. What was there coach thinking

  12. 1:01 if that’s a strike then I’m getting contacts

  13. Crazy was Japan/Nicaragua. This was not crazy. Good game though!

  14. Indiana's left fielder didn't seem to be in the game.

  15. What is the deal with these home plate umpires.Multiple called strikes a good six inches outside the zone. Unhittable!

  16. How is this a "crazy game". Total click bait.

  17. It’s shocking that they can’t get better umps than these clowns. They will literally call strikes that are a full foot outside the strike zone. They are a joke.

  18. Terrible, terrible home plate umpire……smh

  19. These umps suck, get mlb umps to volunteer

  20. That strike at the 1:00 mark is crazy. I'm all for expanded zone at the LL level but c'mon man!!

  21. Congratulations to Nolensville, Tennessee from Westbury, New York.

  22. Now that I'm done watching the video, they have to stop with these outside strike calls. Not even close to the plate.

  23. Just saying the umpire behind home is terrible…several pitches outside the zone getting called for strikes..I know it’s LLWS but still

  24. Wow, worst plate umpire I have ever seen. Basically if the catcher catches it, it’s a strike!!

  25. I know these umps are volunteers but they should think about volunteering to do something else.
    Good Lord they are blind.

  26. Umps should be fined. No excuse for tue horrible calls.

  27. These kids are only 12 and 13, and to already know to display the kind of class it takes to walk over to first base and make sure the kid you just hit by pitch is OK, the future of the game is in very good hands if these kids are in the majors in the next 7 to 10 years.

  28. These umpires at this llws need to get sent to a Russia prison. It’s crazy they letting them to Continue to umpire with these horrible strike zones

  29. The strike zone is crazy omg…shotout Nolensville, I Stay in nashville

  30. Tennessee shortstop and the Indiana starting pitcher got futures in baseball

  31. I don’t care if umps are volunteers those outside calls are taking the fun out of watching these games… and so is the female in the booth who has zero business being there!!

  32. man indiana bottom lineup can’t hit worth a lick, that’s why they’re aren’t gonna win it this year even if they beat Tennessee this game. 5-9 out of lineup is all strikeouts or outs like at least put the bat on the ball, the kid wasn’t throwing 100 mph on Tennessee lol

  33. the coach on 3rd base should’ve sent him home knowing bottom of there lineup was coming up they can’t hit worth a lick, plus you gotta be the aggressor n make the centerfielder make a good throw smh send him home what are you doing coach lol good game by Tennessee tho Hawaii gonna win it all tho

  34. If he is one day over 12 band that whole state from LLWS, have every player that lost to him sue.

  35. I hate to see girls playing baseball. Softball is an incredible sport.

  36. Por Dios, lo poncho con un lanzamiento demasiado malo, muy afuera de la zona de strike. Minuto 3:25 al 3:29

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