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(TES: Legends) More Crazy Games with Altar Assassin

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If you wanted more Altar Assassin, you’ve got it!
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  1. N工尸尸口𠘨 Stiqqy Paint 自家用 says:

    CVH – if Someone was looking to play ladder and be competitive how much money would you say a person would have to invest in opening packs?

  2. should have hit him with 3 back to back ice storms lol. Anytime some meme shit like comes up in my games I have to take it. One time I played 3 shadowfen priests back to back, then next turn I soul teared 2 back to my hand and the turn after that played the 4th and 5th priests lol he quit right after that.

  3. your midrange archer w/ orcs video was really nice too , I would enjoy more of that

  4. What a deck lol, too bad I cant have it

  5. I am really surprised that you dont run premium Whisp Mother, as it looks just gorgeous!

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