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Texas State vs #1 Texas Highlights (Game 2, Crazy Game!) | 2022 College Baseball Highlights

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Texas and Texas State played the second game of a 2 game midweek series in the 2022 College Baseball Season.

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  1. Karma for the Texas closer waving bye bye the previous game. That's why kids we always try to act like professionals.

  2. Texas State was like "anybody can get it….anybody!"

  3. This is why college baseball should be televised more. Period.

  4. When you’re #1 everyone gives you their best shot. This series sure did not disappoint. Texas will head to the CWS but I’m not sure where TxState ends up. They are a scrappy team that plays with a lot of passion. Thank you for the upload Wheels.

  5. texas' crowd is electric, most lit midweek game ive seen

  6. Did texas state won the world series ????

  7. Horns need better relief pitching. Dude threw 15 pitches and a good handful were in the dirt or away that cost them 2 runs 😤

  8. Got to love the excitement from the smaller schools when they are playing a major University. Especially when both teams are from the same state. It’s a very big deal to get a W

  9. Contender for best game of the season already!

  10. Prolly not smart scheduling two midweek games after the Shriners

  11. I mean congrats but it’s not like you just bets them in a super regional or something. I really like that Texas st pitching staff though

  12. don’t care what anyone says college baseball is just flat out better than mlb🤷🏻‍♂️

  13. Like how he put horns down. Texas beat themselves with the pitching. If Texas lives in the zone that game it’s a very different ballgame

  14. He did all the cele’s Texas does before game, in game, and after game. Pitcher was taunting a lot I love it

  15. txst's biggest win of the season lmao. they wont make playoffs

  16. Great play by the RF at 6:30 he kept the ball in front of him once he realized he wasn’t gonna be able to make the play, with the dive it kept runners tagging instead of instantly running bases

  17. That 5th inning diving play in right field by Texas State saved 2 runs. Play of the game even though he didn't catch it.

  18. that horns down is so disrespectful… i love it

  19. Texas State beat #11 Arizona twice and #1 Texas (narrowly losing by 1 point game one. If Texas State isn't ranked next week we riot.

  20. “U can’t get out of the way of a ball”🤣🤣 10:00

  21. I’ve never seen a camera angle from a baseball game at 2:14 before.

  22. I love MLB, but you have to wait til October to feel this kind of energy!

  23. Texas State looks like a top 10 baseball team

  24. Love college baseball! You think a school like Texas state would come into Austin and take down #1 in football or basketball?? Hell no! That's why college baseball is the best!

  25. Swaggy no doubter by Texas state in the third

  26. “Shouldn’t been standing there”😂

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