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The 10 WEIRDEST PS2 Games

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The PlayStation 2 gave us some of the most terrific games, but it also held some pretty weird ones. For this list, we’ll be looking at the strangest, most experimental games released for Sony’s second console. Our list includes “The Adventures of Darwin” (2007), “Mister Mosquito” (2002), “Under The Skin” (2004), “Stretch Panic” (2001), and more! What was your favorite strange or weird game on the PS2? Let us know down in the comments.

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  1. Battle construction simulator is a great one

  2. I still play Dog's Life to this day, on my Steam Deck. It's the best 😊

  3. I was expecting weird games I wouldn’t want to play, I want to play everyone of these games

  4. I have Under The Skin, Katamari Damacy, and Mr Moskeeto. I really enjoy all three games. I also have Dog's Life but not played it yet. Some of the other games on your list look great too.

  5. I remember Dogs Life being covered in some gaming TV show i used to watch as a kid, so naturally I wanted to pick it up. Fast forward to today, its one of my greatest childhood gaming memories. I still remember the cheerful theme tune that would play at the farmhouse starting area. That and making Jake poop and then have him pick up the turd and drop it on people. Lol

  6. I actually had stretch panic dont know why my father let me play it when i was still a kid

  7. This was back when devs were willing to take risks and made fun and good games. Not all just the same old thing

  8. Stretch panic and under the skin game both enjoyed hopefully switch games in the future

  9. That was a good list I hadn’t heard of a lot of those.

  10. Dr.Muto is to this day hands down the most fun I've ever had playing a video game

  11. I've never seen anybody anywhere reference the adventures of darwing!

  12. I knew I didn't make some of these games up as a kid……

  13. Broooo I remember whiplash!!!! That game was lit af

  14. wow, all of these games look awful, except Katamari, that game is cool

  15. The MAGIC has been LOST in Sony the moment they forsaken all these legacy titles that brought them where they are today…

  16. Aw why don't current Gen consoles have wierd *ss games like the ps2? They were so cool

  17. How can Mr. Mosquito be a male and suck their blood?

  18. Only female mosquitoes suck blood, kind of an oversight on that game's plot

  19. Make mosquitoes don’t drink blood; weird

  20. Luckily dreams exist as there are these exact type of games

  21. You missed one of my favorite weird titles. It's called spider. A scientist gets his mind transfered into a cyborg spider.

  22. I got stretch panic (freak out) with the PS2. I played it once and had no idea what was going on.

  23. imagine mister mosquito and demolition girl with today's visuals

  24. I'm only here for the tatas in the thumbnail

  25. He actually compared legend of darwin to legend of zelda 😂😂😂😂

  26. gregory horror show looks like this one qubo show

  27. I loved dog’s life as a child 😂😂. Idk it was so weird and fun.

  28. I think leasuire suit Larry belongs on this list , that is a weird game!

  29. I forgot about whiplash!!! That was a fever dream game from blockbuster

  30. Woww I totalllllly forgot about whiplash that was such a blast to the past Damn. I remember when these games came out katamari was another one I loved and mister mosquito lol

  31. I think I played mister mosquito on one of those demo CDs that came with electronic gaming monthly

  32. I thought The Adventures of Cookie & Cream would be a good fit for this list. It was my very first ps2 game when my parents got the early version of the console for a Christmas present, I also got a few ps1 games. The title is an interesting and challenging split screen puzzle platformer. Sadly my copy got mixed up with stuff to donate and I haven’t found another yet. Would love to get the complete physical copy again.

  33. So if something has a girl with sisters then its like Cinderella? I dont see the similarities.

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