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I haven’t made a video like this in a while, but this is by far the best crazy time strategy you can use to make a consistent amount of money and when you hit a top slot, it PAYS!

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  1. I have better strategy,stop playing and keep your money in your packet.

  2. What this shit it s a game for loossing money you can t win anything

  3. Мы верим в тебя) Делай и дальше видосики с такими безумными заносами))

  4. what if the results were all "1" what is thebest strategynow?

  5. Thank you for that strategy! and i've got lose!!Yawa di man lang ako na enjoy sa talo ko!!

  6. Bro i am from india .. bro actually i am losing 16 lack in crazy time game total family struggle because of me.. please help or when give higher x please tell me bro

  7. bro please help me crazy game Malaysia

  8. Играйте на спокойничах! Если будете рашить и торопиться, то полюбому проиграте здесь. Нужно быть на чилле)

  9. Nice strategy bro, you started with 5k and ended with 4!

  10. hey bro I always play crazy time and I make grands of it and my strategy is guessing when the game pays and when it doesn't. what do you thinking about this strategy? because its easy to guess bro. But I only bet on bonuses. I have watched to all of video and I didn't understand that why do you risk your 300 dollars everytime what would you do if the game give you 1 in a raw, I am sure you have the knowledge but I didn't impress in this video and 300 dollars bet every time and every round is not logical to me. rescpectfully

  11. ur down more than 1k in that short video, thats not a strategy sir, its just bad game and bad luck

  12. next time try 1 unit on bonus 7 units on 2 1 unit on 10 2 units on 5

  13. Проверенное место, много знакомых тут играло. Я все никак не влечу, чисто чекаю твои видосики))

  14. Пацаны, а кто сколько поднимал по максимуму? Я пока что вывел только 10К рублсов) Есть кто больше?

  15. Давно не играл, но теперь опять хочу залететь попробовать))

  16. ОГО! Че за сытный завоз такой)) Надеюсь будут еще подобные видосы!

  17. Unfortunately I tried it but it did not work for me. It started off quite promising. I even tried waiting for a few 1s to come out before betting but quite often 3 or four 1s came out in a row so went down. I persisted with the system all day but so often there was like 3 or 4 or more ones in a row and in the end ended up losing big time.

  18. "1 which is 38% chance of winning" 😂😂😂 stop playin with me boi

  19. Заход вообще лютый!) надеюсь будут еще видосы с подобными замесами)

  20. Because of you strategy I lost 10k 😂

  21. The problem with this strategy is that sometimes we have large strakes of 1s. Sometimes we have more than 50% of 1s in quite a while, and the bonus we get are 2x coin flips or similar. To win money in Crazy Time you need either big luck or a big bankroll. Preferably both.

  22. Love you, you know that. But mute the talking ape moderator next time when you explain something for us … PLEEEEEEASE 😂😂

  23. Can you please give me your number

  24. I will subscribe you and give usd 1plzzz

  25. Dude, mute the game when you're doing commentary on it 😂

  26. Brother, I lost a lot. I am in trouble now

  27. best crazy time strategy is to not play crazy time ever

  28. starting balance 5 k, closing balance 4 k 😛 great strategy 😛

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