The CRAZY GAME That SAVED Archie Griffin's NFL CAREER | Falcons @ Bengals (1978) -

The CRAZY GAME That SAVED Archie Griffin’s NFL CAREER | Falcons @ Bengals (1978)

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Prior to a 1978 NFL game between the Cincinnati Bengals and Atlanta Falcons, Bengals running back and former Ohio State player and Heisman winner Archie Griffin was furious with his lack of playing time and with his role on the team, to the point where he was about to request a trade. But after a bizarre roster switch at the last second, everything changed, and his career was saved. This is the story behind that game

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Members of the 1978 Bengals:
Chris Bahr
John Reaves
Ken Riley
Ken Anderson
Rob Hertel
Melvin Morgan
Deacon Turner
Marvin Cobb
Tony Davis
Dick Jauron
Scott Perry
Louis Breeden
Lenvil Elliott
Boobie Clark
Ray Griffin
Archie Griffin
Pete Johnson
Glenn Cameron
Tom Ruud
Chris Devlin
Tom Dinkel
Bo Harris
Bob Johnson
Jim LeClair
Tom DePaso
Reggie Williams
Blair Bush
Ron Shumon
Ray Phillips
Dave Lapham
Mark Donahue
Gary Burley
Dave Pureifory
Rufus Mayes
Ron Hunt
Eddie Edwards
Glenn Bujnoch
Wilson Whitley
Vern Holland
Mike Wilson
Ted Vincent
Ross Browner
Jim Corbett
Billy Brooks
Dennis Law
Don Bass
Isaac Curtis
Pat McInally
Rick Walker
Homer Rice (head coach)
Paul Brown (owner)


  1. Note: There is an Easter egg hidden somewhere in this video that some viewers of the channel might be able to catch. If you think you spotted it, let me know in the comments below!

  2. Running backs should never play four seasons of football in college.

  3. Playing the Falcons helps turn around many careers.

  4. If the Bengals promoted Bill Walsh to head coach before the 1976 season do you think the Bengals would have still drafted Archie Griffin? If so, how do you think his career would have gone?

    This unofficial Official Jaguar Gator 9 historian will remind everyone you made a video about another shocking Bengals blowout the next year over the Steelers.

  5. Archie may have been a Tosu star and back to back heisman winner but he was too small for the nfl. No woody hayes/ground chuck/bum phillips run type of offense for him in nfl. And isn't '78 the year of the gritz blitz and the hail mary big ben rights that bartkowski lucky falcons used to win the nfc west that season? I believe the only season rams didn't win the west in the '70's. Also boobie clark was on '78 bengals.

  6. I just looked at his stats. I remember him very well. He played from 1976 to 1982, he never rushed for more than 700 yards in one season , his rush yards declined each year from 1979 to 1982. He was out of football at age 28. I remember as a boy learning to understand that great college players do not make great pro players. Excellent point about him taking so much punishment in college

  7. Bengals should have drafted Walter Payton in 75'…. Payton went on to best all around player I've ever seen in my lifetime! Yeah Jerry Rice and Tom Brady are goat level but Walter could kick, run, pass, catch, block.. a running back that ran 25-30 times a game and played 13 seasons and missed 1 game!!! Insane!!!

  8. gator showed every Tosu passing play of archie's four year career in first four minutes.

  9. 1000 yards for the season, not a game. That would be a record-UNLV QB Kenny Mayne

  10. I wish the Bengals would go back to use the old helmets for at least one game they weren't that bad.

  11. Bad guess #1 on the Easter egg: at 4:12 he states how Griffin didn’t score a TD in the 1977 season, while the clip is of Griffin scoring a TD.

  12. Archie Griffin was one of the greatest college players of all time. Doesn’t always equal a great pro career take nothing away from the man.

  13. Love your videos but SPECIFICALLY got on here to say "Arrrrrrchie" (que Mrs. Bunker)

  14. 31 consecutive games over 1,000 yards? He really was the best college player of all time!!!! LOL…….

  15. Archie was also a fine person. I worked my first newspaper reporting job for an editor who had attended Ohio State U with Griffin and served as a student manager of the team. He said everyone loved Archie Griffin. No nicer person existed.

  16. Despite winning 2 Heismans, Griffin was not expected to have a spectacular NFL career. He might not have gone in the 1st round of the draft if the home-state Bengals hadn't needed a running back. It was already fairly common for Heisman winners to have mediocre NFL careers. As you note, Griffin ended up with a respectable NFL career–neither a "bust" nor worthy of a bust in Canton.

  17. So was Archie Griffin was on the Bengals' Super Bowl roster v. San Francisco?

  18. How did he fall to 24th pick in the draft???

  19. WOW YET ANOTHER video about 2 teams who are less than a 39.6. They should SPIKE football into the ground on EVERY single OFFENSIVE play!!!!

  20. someone said: "he won it twice when he shouldn't have won it once!"

  21. Tony Dorsett broke the record the very next season, and was clearly the better player in college & pros

  22. You should do a dedicated video on AstroTurf You can't talk about vintage football without talking about it's infamous playing surface

  23. I think Ricky Bell and Tony Dorsett were better in 1975

  24. I always liked Archie Griffin (45) and rooted for him to do well in Cincinnati. He was always a pro and a good team player even with all the awards and attention coming out of college. Good juke moves and good speed as seen in these clips. Didn’t fumble as much as Tony Dorsett.

  25. At OSU he was 10 yards downfield before he met a defender on most occasions.

  26. Ahh, wonderful. Real football played by real humans.

  27. He could've done so much more with the right team.

  28. Amazing that he rushed for over 1,000 yards for 31 straight games.

  29. Anthony Davis should have won the Heisman in 1974. Many voters submitted their ballot PRIOR to the USC-ND game!

  30. In these highlights, I do not see AG breaking tackles or making people miss.

  31. Great show….making a bigger fool of Paul Brown in this case for hiring Bill Johnson. What would BILL WALSH had done with kenny Anderson and Archie Griffith.

  32. Where do you find all this film ? It's incredible

  33. Every highlight of Archie, he is 15 yards down field when the first opposing teams jersey appears. Billy Sims was robbed of a second Heisman.

  34. Paul Brown not choosing Bill Walsh to be his successor at head coach is still THE biggest blunder in Bengals history. Thoroughly enjoyed watching the Bengals playoff run. I hate that they lost, but I am happy that I got to watch them play in the Super Bowl at least once in my lifetime. The first one was before I was born and the second one, I was 5 years old and, obviously, have no memories of. I am 100% confident that Burrow will lead them back to the Super Bowl. Who Dey!!!

  35. If Archie had gone to somebody like the Dolphins, Cowboys, or Steelers. He probably would have more success

  36. That Bengals look looks a lot like the browns

  37. Woody Hayes said about Archie. “He is a better man than he is a football player” and “He’s the best damn football player I’ve ever seen” I am a Buckeye Fan and Archie Griffin will ALWAYS BE our greatest Buckeye.

  38. Its weird how modern his game looks in the early 70s.

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