The game that made Magnus Carlsen the World Rapid Champion 2019 -

The game that made Magnus Carlsen the World Rapid Champion 2019

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Usually when it is the championship game, you often see players slightly tensed or nervous. But you can see how Magnus Carlsen plays each and every move in this game with great confidence against Hikaru Nakamura. He has a full point lead over the field and instead of him offering a draw, it was Nakamura who had to ask for the half point.

After becoming the World Rapid Champion we show you the after-moments of Carlsen’s victory, a glimpse from the interview after becoming the champion and the presentation ceremony at the end!

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  1. Im really bad at chess and im just now trying to start getting back into it. Can someone explain how it was a draw?

  2. Amazing goes to show if you want something and your passionate with determination you will get it excellent chessmanship from a verry young age he is incredible

  3. I don’t unterstand why he won
    Can someone clear me please

  4. I feel like Hikary is just happy to be there competing for the title but not really wanting the title the reason he will never be the champ every game against Magnus he does the same thing over and over just quiting although he has all the pieces minus 3 pieces wtf man just go to the end for once and stop being afraid.

  5. Why this Bronze winner kept that bronze medal hidden in his pocket,he should show like Nakamaru did, is he ashame of showing a medal?

  6. did enyone realise he was playing against Hikaru💀

  7. I beat Magnus back in like 2016.. He's okay.

  8. Might be a dumb question, but why would Hikaru offer the draw, which would make Magnus the champion, rather than play on for a chance of winning? My brain can't think enough moves ahead to see what he was seeing from this position..

  9. Amruta's face is hilarious in the video

  10. This is a funny game magnus got a very good opportunity

  11. i dont understand why the match ended, is it bc he retreated the queen?

  12. Actually it is draw … Why don't continue

  13. I didn't actually understand why he won …

  14. How did he win? There was no checkmate

  15. How did he just win, please explain

  16. I have no idea what just happen but I’ll give to the guy that did the interview

  17. how u play a game against another and say NOTHING?. 😂crazy

  18. wtf is happening here it's 2:11 fucking AM i need to go to bank job. early and work my ass off in cash department and here i am watching things i don't even understand
    What the F.. am i Doing 😭

  19. How they decide the winner if it is a draw??

  20. NO! That was not a draw or a win. Play until the end where one its a clear winner, there are mistakes that can be made and until there is a clear winner, there is no winner.

  21. I didn't get it. Naka didn't need to win? Why he accepted a draw if he could fight for a victory?

  22. ahmmmm who won exactly? lol this was so stupid aha

  23. I started this video like Mr Bean trying to get some sleep, but now my heart is beating like a jungle drum.

  24. Me at 33 years old, learning how to play chess the past two weeks "gotta use them horseys dawg, and free them castles up" 🤣
    Serious note, love watching high level chess, I hope to learn the basics at some point

  25. Hikaru looks like he is coming in after a long brain-storming session and is ready to go from pre-moving game after game to just complete focus on the pieces in front of him.

  26. Why did they end the first round? I am knew to chess and i dont get why it ended 😅

  27. Magnus Carlsen = Emraan Hashmi !

    You cant unsee it now 😂

  28. Me: thinking whats these guys whats thinking about

    Naka & Magnus: *handshake

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