The Most Impressive Scratch Projects -

The Most Impressive Scratch Projects

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In this video, I go on a trip down memory lane and visit Scratch, a website I have fond memories of from my childhood. It’s now Scratch’s 15th anniversary, and little did I know that Scratch programmers have been working on some hyper-impressive stuff over the last few years; let’s check it out!

My Scratch page with the projects favorited:

Scratch projects in this video:
Getting Over It:
Paper Minecraft:
Crystal Seeker:
Portal 3D:
3D Terrain Generator:
2D Physics Engine:
Check out Turbowarp to run Scratch games faster:



  1. I have a good friend who’s been making undertale in scratch for some years now

    how to do secure passwords

    the good times man

  3. me when playing scratch: 🙂 me when i try to code:😩💀😩💀

  4. You guys should see me ScratchJr projects sadly I can’t share I made budget Roblox in there i dont know how a,d I made an AI

  5. i love scratch! this is how i got into programming and go to school for cybersecurity

  6. The why is its just a burning memory piano in the background?

  7. I'm sorry, you don't know which are the actually impressive scratch games

  8. In my ICT class they didn’t even teach us HTML but I’m glad I made a roblox game called Break in story.

  9. I beat get over it in 3 mins and 50 seconds

  10. Thats cool but i made geometry dash in scratch, BEAT THAT

  11. Me when I first tried scratch me: hmm how do I use this 3 years later oh yes scratch this is so easy yes great platformer yeahhh

  12. I've seen my cousin play this game before so this is very close. I know that cause he played this

  13. Im not exactly old but I'm 13 so ¯⁠⁠_(°-° )_/¯ anyways I was introduced to scratch in the 1rst? Grade and I loved it so much I kept using the website even when teachers stopped but never took it off of portal so the teachers could never tell me I couldn't play it durring free time, and I still play it (even though I'm not supposed to)

  14. I am trying to work on a 3d game which is horror and it will have some monsters and yeah i am still working i am working on the game engine

  15. Crystal seeker can be played without turbo, go to show how insane it is

  16. "scratch now has cloud variables" It allways has had cloud variables

  17. why is once apon a time playing in the background

  18. Now imagine if someone with this mindset had made Starfield with the Creation Engine, it might have been better.

  19. My getting over it record in scratch is 3 minutes and 30 seconds

  20. In my opinion if your a adult what wants to code 2d games but suck at other 2d game engines then this is perfect for you it can do almost everything because of the amount of blocks but if the blocks arent enough for your project you can make custom blocks using inputs and then using the current blocks to make your own which gives the engine a little bit extra possibility

  21. i would also recommen monster world by apfellord

  22. I actually found a tabs game on scratch it didn’t have the physics like actual tabs but it had the stuff you spawn like clubber and stuff it’s pretty good.

  23. 0:47 in kindergarten (a VERY long time ago) I was in a coding club at school with my best friend. We used scratch for an hour every Tuesday & Thursday.

    Scratch started a lot for me. I love scratch for this 🙂

  24. 2:34 WOW it’s insane that someone made this in scratch, WOW

  25. Paper Minecraft was my life back in elementary school 😭🙏

  26. Paper Minecraft was my childhood , so was scratch it was interesting and fun to check peoples projects😅

  27. so back then when i was in 4th grade my class was splitted in half of 2 programs (english gifted and technology gifted) and i was the tech gifted, you know they were still those computer clesses for the english gifted and they used scratch, and the tech studenst used a whole another program making me never had an experience on scratch AND still right now in grade 10 i still used the another program 😭😭😭

  28. Thanks for the video, projects are really incredible.

  29. That would be crazy if this comment blew up…

  30. I went to a coding class awhile ago they they used scratch for younger kids and i wasn’t a fan I preferred typing code out

  31. Anyone remember the 1 sprite 1 script challenge from the early 2010s?

  32. I dont care about the video but i kinda do but is that just a burning memory piano at the start?

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