The two weird games that started my channel -

The two weird games that started my channel

Call Me Kevin
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Playing the 2 games that started my channel, Mr. President and Hello Neighbor. No idea why these were my choices at the time but was fun to revisit them 🙂

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And myself 😀

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  1. Back when they wanted trump to be assassinated..

    Then we got biden instead……….

  2. No dude 1 millions pretzels started your channel ( well not this one )😂

  3. your first video was uploaded on my birthday, pretty cool birthday gift thx

  4. 4:15 ‘the next tiktok dance i call it no bones’ HE PREDICTED!

  5. Is Donkey Kong trying to assassinate the President?

  6. Honestly, I was a fan back when you were doing "How to Annoy people on CoD" you were the original CoD Troll

  7. I got this game a few days ago for some reason

  8. I played Hello Neighbour on console a while ago but gave up with it cuz it was so buggy & broken.

    I think the breaking point for me was when I managed to lure the Neighbour outside expecting him to chase me & then return to his business, only to watch him start hopping down the road instead. I followed him down the road until he hopped right past the invisible wall, never to return. All the while the chase music still played, almost like a sanity draining eulogy…

  9. news headline “President Assassinated, Bodyguard Flips”

  10. Mr.presidents trump ai is more advanced than the real trump.

  11. NGL Hello Neighbor give off big Maniac Mansion vibes

  12. Kevin: I'm going to stop my sentence right there.
    Also Kevin: I'm coming but I missed.
    Me: 🤣😂🤣😂

  13. This was pretty hilarious. That game is so dumb

  14. I watched that first video on this channel just now. Only thing that's changed is AV quality, editing quality, and location. Ol' Kevo himself hasn't changed one bit. Makes me happy.

  15. "I'm coming but I'm not very accurate"
    Title of your s*x tape?

  16. Plot twist Jim Pickens is the Assassin… nan then the game would be impossible in that case

  17. Hello neighbor is so good when you play it

  18. Ayy your first video was uploaded on my birthday 👌👌

  19. I remember my best friend showing me GTA RP with Grognak Destroyer of Worlds Attorney At Law. Ever since Kevin is my favorite YouTuber.

  20. Gamers all get their confidence from killing digital men

  21. Blops 1 Kevin, i love. can you trap more people in a corner this year in MW2 please

  22. Wait a second the neighbors just middle-age Jim Pickens

  23. I can only imagine what baby Kevin would think of the mole person psychopath that would emerge over the next 5 years

  24. Nooooo , I first started watching your channel with the until dawn videos and I couldn’t stop laughing been watching you religiously since then

  25. I belive I found Kevin through Sims content, and then his first bit life playthrough made me get that game haha.

  26. omg i still remember watching them vids

    Hate youtube and how you have to be more childish to get monetized, its not fun anymore, although you do great at making me laugh everytime

  27. Honestly I don't even know why I was nervous about this President game being flattering to… ahem… Mr. Rump… Kevin's too good for that

  28. What happend to his hello neighbour videos I can’t find them?

  29. I like how he completely missed the big "Press C to crouch" prompt on the floor

  30. Kevin taken out of context. "I'm coming but, but I'm not very accurate."

  31. 11:50 and you both did while living right above it, never leaving your house and having No friends 😂

  32. I started with zombiod. I was like wow such a funny Irish men 😂🍀 I really love it. Thank you for your evil plans to make our day much better 😂

  33. Kevin's voice haunts my dreams cuz I let YouTube just go at night time lol

  34. i remember when i first got hello neighbor the game broke and he went into my house and it freaked me out so much i deleted the game

  35. "Your a horrible person stop sucking chil…I'm gonna stop my sentence there.😂😂

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