The White Room Walkthrough [IsoTronic] -

The White Room Walkthrough [IsoTronic]

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The White Room Walkthrough [IsoTronic]

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  1. im glad you liked it :D, next game coming this week

  2. Dragon eye click doesn’t work on my version. Spent ages clicking right in the eye spot but nothing.

  3. 1914 don't work for me, and I've seen a bunch of walkthroughs entering the same code. What am I doing wrong? I'm clicking the numbers directly too!

  4. For the people that say the safe code doesn't work, you just have to press the number on the middle! ^^
    I hope that helped

  5. i want to say ty because i was at the end of the game i just need the safe thing but i was horrible on morse code, so i watched your video and it help me beat the game!!!

  6. Game is bugged. I clicked the safe randomly and it opened lol

  7. to open the safe you keep entering in the code and it will open kind of like the curtain trick, keep entering in the code and u gtet a key

  8. You have to keep repeating the code, after a little over 5 tries orso it gives a key

  9. for the safe, just keep entering the code, it'll open eventually.

  10. Still a useful video 2 years later! The audio sounded so bad, I couldn't figure out the Morse Code to open the safe. Thank you for providing the answer!

  11. than you good sir
    you have saved me hours of guessing codes

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