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i’m not sure what happened here.. but hey.. weird games, weird times.


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  1. Did anyone else think the pug baby in the background was creepy

  2. I want the hoodie Dan has on so bad it's really cool

  3. I'm officially going to have nightmares about potatoes

  4. -Dan: “this is actually a good strategy”

  5. potato man, the potato that takes revenge of you, because you ate at least 400 pounds of potatoes

  6. you can't hand cuff a shark huh? 2025: new invention: finn cuff🤣

  7. Xbox one: Help!
    PS4: I'm gonna call the ambulance
    A little while later
    Ambulance: Wii U Wii U Wii U

    (This isn’t Original by the way. I don’t know who made it but they’re genius.)

  8. Dan there is a new game from the creator of of minecraft and I think it's called hero edition

  9. If he had fun with the shark simulator he would LOVE hungry shark evolution

  10. i didnt see the nose with a eye i was to scared to see so i didnt see it

  11. Dan: "And also, there appears to be a giant pear."

    Me: 0_0

  12. Dan: and dead roses
    Ellie rose and Jacob rose: sad stick figure noises

  13. dont mind me i am just rewatching every video

  14. "I just keep walking up and down this stupid corridor just to see noses and potatoes!" Dantdm 2 018

  15. It’s interesting how he looks the same as him now but also different…how

  16. Dan: your in a building
    Me correcting dan: your beside a building

  17. I want to play shark simulator but the link isn’t there
    So sad

  18. I am watching this with my cousin and he wants you to be a blue shark.

  19. Dan: I'm going to get you. Me: that's what my friend Nick aka Graphnix's evil twin says at 3am if he and use the voodoo doll on him, he says it to me, laughs evilly then leaves

  20. i wonder why youtube thinks this game is roblox XD

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