This Gaming Keypad Is Just CRAZY! -

This Gaming Keypad Is Just CRAZY!

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The Azeron gaming keypad might be the craziest game controller around. Regardless if you play Fortnite, Valorant, Modern Warfare or anything else, it has more macro keys placed in 3D space than you could possibly need. This really feels like the future of gaming….but there might be a catch, especially when compared against something like the Razer Tartarus gaming keypad.

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  1. This must be a monster for editing video and audio. Want one so much.

  2. Everyone's going to think I'm weird but I prefer loud clicking over the quiet clicking just because it lets me know that I've actually clicked the button I absolutely hate quiet buttons

  3. foot pedals… also, gyroscope helmet. its the way of the future!!

  4. The only downside to this product is the missing space bar why didn't they just add it below the analog stick??? Not getting one until the space bar is added lol.

  5. This guy is not a gamer, true gamers takes 5 minutes to learn,

  6. Hook up two of these and use them as a Qwerty keyboard?

  7. I am an amputee was looking for something to help me game.

  8. stop trying to plug for money somthing thats utter shite

  9. Happy to see something that is built from the ground up for people that game with the mouse in the left hand. I use a Z board Fang for my right hand, it's like 15 years old and I have no idea what to replace it with when it dies. This may be it, though I am into FPS like COD for which you said it didn't work at that well. Thanks for reviewing!

  10. I'll stick with my MercStealth keyboard with a built-in game pad. My favorite keyboard of all time

  11. I think this would be awesome for flight/fight simulators.

  12. I thought it was wearable. Then I saw a bunch of buttons piled up on each other. Worthless.

  13. The way I would customize these keys is to use the azeron as a door stop

  14. Can you remove them? Like if you want to use wasd you could bind A and D with no extra buttons and make S as button but remove the upper key pad and then use pinkie as three abilities for Overwatch while using thump to do rest? :3 or you could set movement as joistick and forget AD spam lol and I want this

  15. This looks like so much fun to use! Wanna get one sometime!

  16. This is the best device for the ppls that is single

  17. Uh, why not replace your mouse with this? joystick changes rotation, your left hand wasd moves you and you'd have a right hand with a ton of easy to reach keybinds

  18. That analog joystick has crazy travel. Why didn’t they go with a nub joystick?!

  19. Map A W D to down-press on your index, middle, pointer fingers. Map S to the "squeeze" function on your middle finger. Seems like it would be a nearly direct muscle memory transition from traditional WASD.

  20. that thing looks like a cybernetic attachment from Ghost in the Shell, so I think the creepy sci-fi music was warrented

  21. I'm sold… Nuff said. Azeron, stfu and take my money! Right now!

    This will be HUGE for me with ESO, No Man's Sky and Stellaris!

  22. Just ordered one. Gonna make my transition from console to pc epic!!!!

  23. Feels like its not gonna last a week to a gamer

  24. I like how PC gamers bitch about how keyboard is superior….. Then invents what is essentially a fuckin controller.
    "You know what would make gaming on PC even better? Not using a stupid keyboard"

  25. I think a pption for changing the thumb part into keys like the pther fingers would be awesome for faster movement without wasting it on different fingers again

  26. He sounds like me as a left hander on every game I play.

  27. The "extra movement " is not a real issue. As anyone who has experience with consoles knows, most high level gamers train themselves to play with the look sensitivity high as heck to get the most movement with the least movement. Simply adjust the sensitivity, or dead zones, of the analog to require less movement and avoid pressing the joystick all the way to one side. Takes getting used to but it's worth it.

  28. So what your saying basically it’s great amd would be even greater if when your kids are growing up and want to play a game on pc make them learn on this and they will learn it so fast that we would be asking “WAIT HOW DID YOU JUST DO THAT” lol great video my dude thank you !!

  29. Wasd is terrible for my rsi so I got this and can game way more now, mostly using it for ff14 and it's a joy to use

  30. I would prefer instead of having the buttons higher up to instead be at the left and right of the finger switches so i just move say my ring finger to the left to hit tab which is how I normally do it on a keyboard anyway

  31. I feel like it would be most effective if you have two, but it's almost 200 dollars USD, so that'd be almost 400. Could spec into a new graphics card for that much. The biggest drawback is that most games don't have the customizability for something like this. Like I wouldn't want to map each button on the Azeron to a button on my keyboard. I'd want to map an action in-game to a button, or multiple buttons at once, on Azeron (hence wanting an Azeron for both hands, many combinations). So like for Skyrim I'd have so many spells just available with a bunch of button combos I could memorize so I wouldn't need to consistently go into the menu to switch it up, Or God of War with all of the different move sets. Never played Bayonetta but I know it has some CRAZY combos that I feel like this would make easier. But most games (as far as I know) aren't that customizable.

  32. That was the whiniest review I've seen

  33. Is that good for fortnite since he didn't mention it

  34. Looks ideal for The Sim and almost any strategy game

  35. Love to see a review of the Periloot Caravel which it looks like a solid piece of kit and a few big gaming streamers are now using

  36. I had to laugh when he was talking about just going back to MnK on FPS because that's how I'm feeling trying to learn MnK from controller.

  37. Did u had aim assist while playing Call of duty

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