This Gaming Keypad Is Just CRAZY! -

This Gaming Keypad Is Just CRAZY!

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The Azeron gaming keypad might be the craziest game controller around. Regardless if you play Fortnite, Valorant, Modern Warfare or anything else, it has more macro keys placed in 3D space than you could possibly need. This really feels like the future of gaming….but there might be a catch, especially when compared against something like the Razer Tartarus gaming keypad.

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  1. Question, why would you not just use a Razer Tartarus series game pad. It has a joy stick but instead of the hand design it's just keyboard keys so you don't have to learn a new mechanic

  2. Ive used gaming keypads for many years, and i never use the thumb for movement. i LOVE the thumb for games with leaning, while still using WASD . i honestly think thats the way to go

  3. Been playing Apex Legends with it for the last couple of weeks and I’m loving it!

  4. Good to see something "crazy" come along acknowledging the need to replace "normal" that time took away with the advent of the home computer. Hard to believe after owning a 486 "a while ago" with controls for a complete 3D flight system complete with rudder peddles including throttle/break/reverse that decades later gamers somehow ended up jailed by the habit of using the standard IBM/Apple/Franklin w/upper case supplied non-Dvorak keyboard intentionally designed originally to type slow and place important key locations where they need to be, rather than where you want them to be, to avoid the mechanical key hammers used from hitting each other on a "real" type writer aiming at the same spot over and over again.

    BTW I'm not knocking the engineering marvel of the "modern" mechanical typewriter, I'm just saying it was replaced by the computer being made by people copying what the original smart people did with the keyboard layout to solve a complex problem limiting the number of available key hammers needed for notation because nobody wanted to learn to type and start over again despite the advantage of putting the keys where they should be to develop intuitive memory key locations based on basic English/language needs for accessing keys much faster and easier… IF you never typed before on the original mechanical key layout to develop the memory and associated habits involved.

    This is a step in the right direction IMO getting gamers off the original keyboard into a proper 3D control setup a pilot would use to play Doom or Quake…

  5. The thing that caught my attention most was the poor packaging. Just shoved into a box with packing peanuts…really?

  6. Bruh gamers so lonely now they made a god damn controller you can hold hands with

  7. Lol a lot of movement by using the Analog Stick.. Man welcome to Consoles Gamers world. It is easy to move instantly by using Keyboards and had more control a better precision with a Mouse than a Control analog Stick which require Focus to Not Fkup in a middle of a Fight couse the difference is you only use you thumb to control the aim compered to a Mouse you use your entire hand which your aim will be 100% more precise.. Controller it is way harder to get a very prescice Aim when you are Using the Right Analog stick which is to control the Camara view/Aim And sometimes you might have to release it to change Guns, Slide, Jump or reload at least back in the days when there was no Advance Controllers with extra Buttons like now days.
    Other than that.. I like the Video and that Keyboard looks sick to try it out. 💪

  8. eww, how can you actually unironically enjoy mouse and keyboard?

  9. Honestly. This product is useless and not necessary at all. Money grab.

  10. The fact that there is no RGB should make it possible for them to double the price.

  11. Your look like a more good looking jack black ngl 🤣🤣🤣

  12. I own a compact version one and in my opinion for key binds keep ctrl, shift, space on bottom row with heal key bind, then middle bottom I use my other keys like f, e, c, g and the front bottom I use my esc, b, tab, r. other buttons I use as macros or other less pressed buttons, by doing this I sort of keep the keys in line with where they were on keyboard and I learned mine in about a week and after 2 weeks of only using it I got back to my usual skill level. if you buy one dont feel unmotivated after first trying it. start with easier sandbox games like Minecraft to get a handle for basic keys, then play more advanced games and you'll be doing well in no time. hope this helps in some way.

  13. so the Tldr is that it's great, but muscle memory makes it impossible to use. Ironically, this would be best for a first time pc gamer so they don't have that prior muscle memory. If I ever have kids I might get them something like this.

    This seems like the controller of the future, but our monkey brains can't let go of the past. 🥲

  14. Such a long video and it's all water… Can someone make videos short and straight to the point? Like this is the device, this is how it's working, pros/cons, thank you for watching, done.

  15. I saw an ad for this and I just said wow it is so pointless 360 degree movement just hit wa at the same time or wd or ad or as or ds it’s exactly the same not to mention the mouse works like that if you just hold W oh and the wrist pain just get a a wash cloth and put it in front of your keyboard I have zero wrist pain oh and hitting the wrong key I’m sry but like 1 this device doesn’t fix it like the ad suggested amd just get better after my first 2 months with a keyboard I’ve never hit the wrong key unless I just don’t know the key for the action I want or I’m using default keys like tf the as did this is so shit and every product like this is just pointless a waste of money PLS DO NOT BUY THIS grab a wash cloth and learn your keyboard it’s not hard

  16. I think the word you were looking for in your title was "stupid"

  17. Hey Guys!
    I've owned one for a month now and used it in every game I've played. This is what you should know:

    General Infomation:
    -You cannot strafe as good as someone on WASD, so competitively I still use a keyboard.
    -Most games do NOT support an Xbox joystick with a mouse, so usually you have to bind WASD to the joystick. However, for the games that do support it, it's a blast.
    -You'll want to put it on a tilted surface if you're using it extensively, it really helps your wrist.

    Now the Pros:
    -Having buttons almost touching your finger they're so close feels SO GOOD. The index pull I bound to interact, and I love it.
    -While I don't use this "competitively," it by no means slows you down, only strafing is nerfed. (As was mentioned.) Where this SHINES is casual games. Spiritfarer, Slime Rancher, the controls feel right, smooth, and movement is just right with a joystick.
    -After some adjustments, (like you would with any new product,) it's a lot easier to forget you're using a keypad and be immersed than a keyboard imo.

    Final Verdict:
    -For any game that is not your sweat-game, I prefer to use this. On their discord I've met people who love this for Fortnite tho, so to each their own. If anyone has questions I'll be happy to answer them below, thx for reading!

  18. This seems mainly for like MMOs where you can have like 20 active abilities like MapleStory

  19. I didn't know that star lord started a youtube channel what happened to Avengers

  20. i watched the whole video and i still have no idea what this thing does

  21. Just go buy an Xbox controller for like £15

  22. Ohh interesting! This video helps me decide that this keypad isn’t for me. I have been using Logitech G13 and it is so much helpful especially since there are buttons around the joystick for the thumb to work with.

  23. I hate watching this stuff, it’s all looks so cool and I wanna buy it all but I’m a console player so I can’t use any of it 😤😤

  24. Imagine this in games like from the depths

  25. I had a Razer Nostromo at one time which I used in combo with my mouse. While I owned it over months I tried using it on multiple games I was playing at the time. But in the end the Nostromo just felt too odd to be any use for me. So I went back to using keyboard & mouse when playing games. I gave the Razer Nostromo away to someone as I knew I was not going to use it anymore.

  26. It's something nice but something you don't need to buy soon. I think this device is well suited to surveillance systems.

  27. Honestly id be tempted to rebind WASD on middle forward backward, A and D on Ring and index finger down. Then spacebar on middle finger down. It would seem the most natural to me i think and keep the joy stick for movement too for those paticular games if i want to use it.

  28. This thing would be cool to play Arma 3, especially with planes and helicopters

  29. Don't get the compact version. (My logic was to be able to pack it for travel.) Those top buttons feel horrible and are too out of the way to be used quickly. Returned mine, also, the customer support was a pain to deal with.

  30. I remember using some alot like this 15 years ago, that had 2 buttons per finger, shaped like a mouse, and had almost a short joystick base. It was great when playing d2 for all the hot keys, and scrolling maps etc

  31. All I want is a bigger mouse with left and right click divided into multiple buttons.

  32. Hehe cant wait to hook it up to my Xbox to confuse PC players

  33. You see I use a controller with my hands and a keyboard with my feet

  34. Imagine going into a discord argument with that thing

  35. This is a great idea, I want one as soon as I'm sure it will just work

  36. You do know that you can turn RGB off right?

  37. I thought the name of this channel was hardware cucks for a sec

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