This Guy is INSANE! Crazy Games vs. a Pro Player (Bloons TD Battles) -

This Guy is INSANE! Crazy Games vs. a Pro Player (Bloons TD Battles)

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Bloons TD Battles
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  1. Hi Alukian I’m going through hard times right now i commented this on one of your other videos but all I want to say is your content is making me fell beater so thanks

  2. Keep up the great work! That’s all I have to say.

  3. There is only a few great BTD battles YouTubers

    Alukain is one of the best

  4. Play a game where you can't see your opponent side(cover it with paper) accept it

  5. I just sang your "sell a farm" song in the shower

  6. Love these videos. Keep up the great work!

  7. Hey alumni I really love your vide especially since you aren't toxic unlike uh know asia-

  8. How's college alukian ?? Do stream with Charlie pls ?

  9. What time do You play usally?
    I wish i could play against You 👍

  10. For daily Spanish words do alrighty for next video and eek for the video after thatt

  11. I found one of the best strats and balloons TD battles

  12. The strat is ninja balloon chipper and mortar the ninjas for stalling the balloon Shepherd is for the moabs and the mortar is for making balloons going fire and more stalling

  13. Another great vid bro keep up the great work, I'm trying to become a youtuber like u if u could it would mean alot if u subbed to me my youtube is just my name

  14. Alukian, I got an ad for a toothbrush completely based off of the video I am watching: yours.

  15. make a livstream playing with viewers not in tourneys in play with friends

  16. his account is actually duped cause he is trash

  17. I find it so weird that I can watch this all day,not even look at the screen and still not want to stop listening, I feel he could just talk about something disturbing, and his voice and personality would be more than enough to watch the whole video

  18. litterly 6 leds and alot of pinks and other stuff went through and he did not die 6:01

  19. Ooh! Great games went up against pro players!! This isnt clickbait the title says it!

  20. Hey alukian! I’m going through some hard times, pressure and pain

  21. No way he actually beat Starplayer, don’t sleep on Alukian the goat

  22. 🤩🤩🤩🤴🤴hope u have an amazing day!!!you're the best alukian!!

  23. Wonder what would happen if the two most positive people in the btd community meet.
    Im referring to tewtiy and Alukian🤔🤔🤔

  24. When I saw the captions I thought you said sizing pp

  25. I am a decent player with 400 wins and 160000 medallions and I was just trying one to ren thousind and then im meeting $ STARPLAYER $

  26. Against bloontrap you need to send a set of camp leads in with the regular

  27. Hi alukian, i only saw the video now! its starplayer, ggs bro i was grinding for prestige ( got t3 :D) also respect for uploading losses, you are much better than other btd youtubers ;D

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