This Minecraft game is CRAZY!! -

This Minecraft game is CRAZY!!

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Who’s the craziest of us all?
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  1. Fun fact: funneh in the first one and stop ya dint read the rulessss

  2. i wonder, are they playing on phone or computer ;-;

  3. I’m sooo late :/.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY LUNAR! 🌸🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🍰 🥳 🎉

  4. 💖Happy late birthday but early lunar! <3 You work hard with your drawings and I’m pretty sure you the thumbnails if you do your work is amazing keep it up! 💖

  5. Funneh: cheating and hitting rest of krew

    Game: should we ban her

    Other game person: I think she’s cheating AND WE NI ALOW DAT

  6. Omg i love your vids it is so great

  7. happy birthday lunar I’m sorry I’m late

  8. I FEEL LIKE THEIR MY CHILDREN BC I BEEN WITH THEM FOR SO LONNNNNNNNG 😭 it might say i just sub in February but thats bc i got a new phone

  9. Funny says that Barney is not purple.and then when she looks on the show Barney he's purple

  10. is it just me or the way Draco and Funneh SwOoP threw that blue thingy was so cool and smooth xD "3:34"

  11. I know I’m 1 year late but… happy late birthday

  12. I hear raibow say winnie get of mah block

  13. The wealthy soccer pathomorphologically talk because february undesirably handle around a mature vinyl. moldy, yummy great-grandmother

  14. Funneh: luner is the winner
    Funneh winning every game but one that luner won

  15. Me:keep making my family download krew eats

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