Top 10 Craziest Finishes in NFL History! -

Top 10 Craziest Finishes in NFL History!

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  1. I Hate the music city miracle. THAT WAS A FORWARD PASS the ball was placed a yard in front of him, so he acted like it was thrown on the line ad caught on the line, it's stupid

  2. Best team vs worst team, Vikings vs. Saints

  3. The hell was that DB doing on the last play of the first one lol all he had to do was bring him down and that is probably it.

  4. Ah yes American football the sport where hands are the most used in the sport yet they are calling it football

  5. Why did the commentator do John Madden like that?🤣🤣

  6. The QB that insist on passing it on the goal be like😎

  7. No man. You can't disrespect the catch against the undefeated Patriots by putting it as an honorable mention. That's dishonorable and I don't even like the Giants 😂

  8. How is the footage from 1972 better than the one in 1999? 😂

  9. Sorry guys, Bills/Chiefs only at #7 is just wrong.

  10. Why the F! Having a Marshawn Lynch you pass the ball right there instead a rushing play

  11. Having watched #3 and #1 in back to back Seahawks games was crazy. Even though SB 49 was lost in the most stupid way ever I still think it was one of the greatest games of all time. As a Seahawks fan I really miss those comebacks, crazy losses and those „almost comebacks“ like the divisional round @ the panthers. We were spoiled with fun games and nail biters from the Beastquake until SB 49. I know an era like that is not around the corner for us but I will be there when it starts again. #gohawks

  12. 11:13 I’ve only been to 3 ravens games in my life. This was one of them. The snow was crazy that day. It took us 3 hours to get to the stadium, and it should’ve been 45 minutes. Avoided so many accidents on I-70. I’ll never forget that.

  13. 2015 Pack @ Cards will always be the best game I've been to, gonna be hard to beat

  14. Giants winning SB vs. Patriots with helmet catch should be in top 10, not honorable mention.

  15. It's a shame that YouTube allows you to steal other videos from YouTube to make your content!

  16. очень интересно, но ничего не понятно, пойду бейсбол посмотрю

  17. Let’s be real, number 10 should be number 1. I am talking as a bears fan so you can’t be saying that it’s cuz I’m a Vikings fan, cuz I’m not.

  18. Wychek's throw still looks like a forward pass to me…

  19. the fact that the Patriots Super Bowl comeback is only 6th place is ridiculous it was the FIRST overtime ever in Super Bowl

  20. To be a Patriots fan watching #1 in downtown Seattle was a jaw dropping moment. Absolutely amazing

  21. The Patriots win against the Seahawks will NEVER be dethroned as the #1 play of all time.

  22. Im sorry helmet catch is only an honorable mention?!?! Let me put ya in perspective, 8-8 giants who just snuck their way into the playoffs AGAINST AN UNDEFEATED DYNASTY 2 minutes left loses the lead for that miracle play to win the superbowl.

  23. I completely forgo about Tony Romo absolutely GLAZING Patrick Mahomes after the Bills Chiefs game.

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  25. One of the best moments of my life was being at the Music City Miracle. Everyone around us wanted to go home but my grandfather insisted we stay. To this day I think that man was a wizard. He never gave up on the Titans. Wish they could have won it all that year. Warner was just too good. RIP Wycheck.

  26. Beautiful historical plays, but NO ONE will ever convince me that THAT play by the Seahawks was not a scripted maffia-phonecall warning for the QB.

    I remember they were on 2nd down, with Marshawn Lynch……BEASTMODE…..
    They could try it twice and go for a pass on the 4th play.
    But instead you throw a pass right in the defender's lane????
    Yeah, not buying it.

  27. NEW YORK S U P E R B O W L G O L IO N S🏈 W E N D Y AB B E Y C O M 🩸 2020 1 2

  28. Bills vs Cheifs should definitely be at least top 3 but other than that it was alright

  29. Larry Fitzgerald has got to be on of the most under appreciated players in NFL history. An amazing player, played 17 seasons with only one team, gave back to his community through his philanthropic efforts, never a sniff of controversy or bad behavior. Low key one of my favorite players in NFL history.

  30. the “ yes yes yes “ always get me 😂

  31. im no pats fan, and as a seattle fan, specially a fan of THE D ever imho i still think that two pats wins should be 1 and 2. 2 vs atlanta since it was just a comeback that strong. i have to give it to him. at this moment i thaught "okay, he is the (offensive) goat". and well, i dont know if it really was carrols call ( its hard to believe since he is one of the smartest coaches since i monitor NFL) or if it was wilsons own descision to cement him as the MVP this year or………..if the whole shit was orchestred by many silver briefcaseswith even more ben franklin faces in it. i know, last two sounding idiotic, but i cannot imagine it was carrols call. his face (he even stopped chewing his gum for seconds) and everything did not match. i think wilson overcalled carrol, its what makes most sense to me, and the mastermind of jedi mind tricks bill read their minds ( so their faces ) and brought another corner.

    whatever, those are the two sickest endings i can imagine.

  32. thanks a lot for reminding me of the chiefs/bills devisional round. thx a lot!🤧

  33. I was three watching the Seahawks play that 1# moment, and I STILL REMEMBER THINKING, “Hey momma, why are they throwing it?” My mom says” There idiots, that’s why” 😂😂😂😂( she cussed out the tv)😂😂

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