Top 3 Best games on Crazy Games!|PART 1|SF Gaming -

Top 3 Best games on Crazy Games!|PART 1|SF Gaming

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Hello guys! These are the top 3 Best games on Crazy Games!
Crazy Games :
#1 House of Hazards :
#2 My Friend Pedro :
#3 Short Life 2 :
0:10 – What is Crazygames?
0:33 – House of Hazards
1:59 – My Friend Pedro
4:30 – Short Life 2


  1. a tip for house of hazards when u have to brush teeth theres a chance u can run across without gettng hit by the couch or vacum cleaner try it

  2. when i play flash games on crazy games they start to lag like crazy after 5 minutes of playing. Any fixes?

  3. Made account but still not saving my progress

  4. Hey do u know this game?It have: dummy,house,fight monster,buiding a house,up power by training,get money from boss or from monster to buy new armon,knife,…

  5. This Guy Deserves 1M Subscribers thanks for showing me these games!

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