Top 5 Parents GONE CRAZY OVER FORTNITE! (Hilarious Fortnite Fails & Rages) -

Top 5 Parents GONE CRAZY OVER FORTNITE! (Hilarious Fortnite Fails & Rages)

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Top 5 Parents GONE CRAZY OVER FORTNITE! (Hilarious Fortnite Fails & Rages)
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  1. I knew up playing GTA. I had weekends I would say up till 2am as a 12 year old. Im 34 and Im fine…. I only play fortnite an hour a day haha 😉

  2. That mom thooo lol i love her video she's awesome for that

  3. When that lady said that there is something in the game that makes it more addictive to me it sounds like communism

  4. Fun fact:perents think epic games is to blame but it is not epic games it is the perents I mean they are the ones to bot the game for them in the first place or am i wrong?

  5. 3:45 This woman wants to complain about Fortnite instead of spending time actually trying to be a parent. If you don't want your kid playing Fortnite then grow up and be a parent and take the game away. Instead she's posting a video online because that will get her far more attention than just being a good parent. Stop acting like your literal child somehow magically gained the ability to play these games when in reality you're the one that bought them the equipment. You can take it away from them just as easily as you bought it, it's not rocket science but everybody wants to be famous on social media and nobody wants to take responsibility for their own kids.
    Edit: Wow so she's calling out her kid for using religion to manipulate her but he didn't raise himself.

  6. I like the idea of the kids looking back to these moments and cringing so hard

  7. i agree with everyone who hates fortnite worst game that made the youth a meme

  8. Technically the game is rated not for young kids

  9. Fortnite is a legal casino for kids think about it

  10. My rageing problem is so bad at the point of my mom keeping a random hammer waiting to strike =/ (R.I.P my switch lol

  11. Your kid will die because he plays videogames

    Me: just delete it or unplug the friggen console

  12. Omg bro i am 12 but i am not that mad relax bro its just a game i cant belive that much older is screaming more than me and last one bro what the hel is going on people they are crazy i am kid too but not this kind i mean i know its bad but everyone when they die they aways cuss and stuff relax people i dont know if its you or your mom but the game does not make you like that mad you cant controll your self omg dude this video was having so much regretions of fortnite poor game it is fighting to a lot trouble even tho its not there fault control your kod bro what is this u good????

  13. The mom:this is making us crazy
    My mom:just make them do chores

  14. It's why you don't allow glow kids to play games like this which by the way was intended for 17 and up

  15. I think the mom grounded him when he was screaming to he's teammates bc she was might working then got disturbed and even the brother Was like this brother: aight he's screaming go take he's PS5 little brother: EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE E EAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  16. Like the reason kids on fortnite are addicted isn't because of them it's the parents fault for not controlling there addiction Like i play fortnite for about 2 hrs and then my mum says finish this game and then let's me back on in a few hours so I think my mum is a good parent about fortnite

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