TRAE CRAZY GAME WINNER ! Atlanta Hawks vs Miami Heat Game 3 Final Minutes ! 2021-22 NBA Playoffs -

TRAE CRAZY GAME WINNER ! Atlanta Hawks vs Miami Heat Game 3 Final Minutes ! 2021-22 NBA Playoffs

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  1. I admire Mr. young but as a person that actually played basketball that last shot was a lucky shot and we ain’t have Kyle out there.. they won by one point. The heat got this

  2. I watched this game and scream out loud in my room so impressive Ice Trae

  3. he seriously have some ugly bird nest hair

  4. Hawks are 21-3 at home since January. Could get real interesting if Capela is available in game 4

  5. I hope other staple players join the hawks to bring a “chip” to Atlanta we need it!!!

  6. Butler choked looking for 3pts shots while only behind by one point…

  7. Ice Trey was fabulous, but Jimmy ''No Buckets'' Butler not so much 🤣

  8. Herro confused twerking with rebounding. Kids these days…..smh

  9. Its just simply lay up guys , not even buzzer beater . Crazy game winner? Come on.

  10. The dumbest looking endbgame shots I've ever seen from both ends

  11. When Tucker took that 3, look how Trae thought about fouling him from the sideline for one second haha

  12. Great decision by Nate McMillan to not call a time-out after possession 🤩🤩🤩

  13. The Hawks owe it to Ice Trae to put a running mate like Shai Gilgeous-Alexander next to him next season….they should just get the trade package together right now a package of Kevin Huerter and a 1st and a 1st the yr after that for SGA….

    Everybody got a running mate. BKN Durant, Irving, Simmons

    Phil Harden, Embid

    Phx Booker, CP3

    GS got 3 dudes Curry, Thompson, Pool

    Mil Giannis and Middleton

    Etc etc …..

    Ice Trae need a running mate you can only do so much by yourself

  14. Atlanta ain't nothing….just soft…Bulls fan🗣

  15. I'm going to be honest we should have lost this game we were getting cooked bu jimmy the whole time .jimmy should have layed in no. Need to force ok jimmy other them that atlanta hawks needs to wake up dammit this ain't no cake walk like last year

  16. Let it be known. Jimmy butler was the reason they lost the last couple possessions. Bad selection. Bad execution.

  17. if they kept trae young in at the last second jimmy would've drained that sh*t lol

  18. what kind of shots were there by Butler? :O wtf

  19. Why hoist an ill advised three down only one, Huerter?

  20. man,the reason why i am on your channel because is that i dont want to see who is a winner before i watch,and you make those main name with game winner..can you not make it?

  21. As a blazer fan I can say he is on path to be better than Dame

  22. There goes the media and everyone saying the hawks will win the but we DC .

  23. I don't care how the game stats for Trae goes..It's a mind set you have to have that separates the great players from the legends.. Trae Young has that mind set.

  24. The worst defensive player in the NBA.

  25. You have to win game 4. Atlanta can get back to the ECF but they took this season off and now they are tricking off the playoffs… I don't trust their team and I think they are a clown show and joke if you are serious about winning — that team has all the talent in the world and will turn themselves into a Trae Day Young Show so everyone can see little sugar run up and down the court getting French with the sugar-shack dance to get the crowd hype — it's stupid and a clown show for basketball… the man literally has to win and the team has to fulfill their potential. Young is a terrible leader and will not win anything because he doesn't take the game seriously unless he's putting on his own show.

  26. Trae as curry s reflection
    Morant as kyrie s
    Ingram as kd s
    And zion as lebrons…thats how i see it…

  27. Jimmy took 2 horrible shots back to back all they had to do is drive to the paint

  28. How was no foul called on trae young @ 1:34??? I would’ve called that interference

  29. If Trae goes to the line for barely touching a Heat player 0:48, why Butler doesn't get a foul when a Hawk player blatantly bump into him 2:57 ?

  30. What’s the name of the song they played at the end of this match

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