Two Absolutely Crazy Games -

Two Absolutely Crazy Games

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  1. watching the old clips is something man.. feels as good as the game when it came out

  2. Yo you NRG bros are killing this shit, good stuff brother

  3. man you are literally my fav streamer in this game

  4. I have to say. Those squads are bunch of bots

  5. Your movement is totally not A human thing at all. With all that you can’t miss ? Seriously dude are you on drugs or something ? Lol

  6. I dont get it…I'm in Gold 4…I peek around corners too much or if I'm not 100% Focused and careful as I play, I get DELETED in like 3 seconds by gunfire from other enemy teams… Sniped and Lazered down like a dog in the streets of skulltown..

    but then here is Ace is standing OUT IN THE OPEN. ZERO cover, dodging bullets and hails of grenade fire and somehow is landing massive wingman headshots and perfect R-99 burst shots. Ace is able to survive being sandwiched between two OTHER enemy teams out in the open and somehow kills them all… Too smooth man.

    OH! and he is on a two man squad so you know he is doing most of the killing…

    sigh I have so much more to learn about how to master this game.

    Thanks for the Vid

  7. Such great movement. You know the map like you live there and shit

  8. you are underrated a lot . you are the one-man-army

  9. This man did 2 headshot even he was saying thank you to the audience =_=

  10. That was fcking bonkers.

    BazookaTaco – 2019

  11. My heart was racing and I’m not even the one playing.

  12. Rewatching your old vids bc I miss King's Canyon:

  13. how t fuck this video havent 10mil views?

  14. Watching your old vids bro damn you've grown you use to miss a few wing man shots and focused more on r99 now bro doesn't matter what you rock

  15. Okay look I LOVE aceu, but we all gotta admit those dudes In the first lobby were straight fucking bots. Even if not literal bots, kids who were straight fucking garbage bro😂

  16. Every now and then I swing back and watch these

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