Tyrese Haliburton hits crazy game winner vs Bulls with Patrick Beverley all over him - voxelo.us

Tyrese Haliburton hits crazy game winner vs Bulls with Patrick Beverley all over him

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  1. A, he gon be a problem if he was to gain some muscle a lil bit.. And get those injuries out his way.. Watch out.

  2. Shy put a short guy to guard a tall shooter

  3. Bro I don’t care how good the kings are playing rn, they will always regret this trade

  4. Him and Pat have some history yo 😂😂

  5. Love the sound of everyone chanting with Freddie Mercury in the background

  6. There was a foul on pat it’s sad refs are jus focus on the guy with the ball while the opponent player pushed pat

  7. Offensive foul pat was pushed by miles turner dirty play right there

  8. why was there an ay-oh did by freddie in live aid?

  9. He got a turnover because of a delay of game I’m tryna see when has that ever been ruled as a turnover

  10. If you are sad and depressed remember that god is on your side. No demon or weapon against you shall prosper. Positivity for life🙏🏽

  11. Pat Bev still are Franchise player. Bulls are gonna make the playoffs

  12. This guy is the biggest star in the NBA if he is playing for a team like worriors they will win the championship for next 5 years hahah

  13. So we not gone call a moving screen… like at all 😂🤷🏾‍♂️

  14. This is the second time Pat Bev has experienced a Pacers game winner from deep this season

  15. Send pay overseas he’s really not needed on any nba team.

  16. He is definitely one of my favourite young players. My team is the Bucks, but I love these young Pacers.

  17. Pat is one of the best defenders in NBA history (all in his head)…this is reality! What a shot! That’s how u shut them up!

  18. How do people watch uncut nba games like I see you tubers post clips of nba players and they sometimes hit bricks but when I go and watch their game highlights they only show the shots they made on the nba channel

  19. espectacular haliburton,menudo partidazo hoy ante los 76ers 39 ptos 16 asistencias,éste va pa megacrack de época en el puesto de base.Indiana tiene base pa ganar el anillo ésta década de una vez por todas si lo rodea de buenos jugadores en los próximos años.

  20. this the nigga that said he sending LA home 😂

  21. In the words of Russell Westbrook: “Patrick Beverley out here fooling y’all…he’s just running around.”

  22. Am I in the minority when I say I dislike games that end like this? Both teams fight hard, then it is decided by a hail-mary shot from ages away…

  23. That’s sick!!!!! But did anybody see the 3 fingers when they changed the score? That’s 🔥 🔥 🔥

  24. I would have probably kept Halliburton over fox. And then got more from the pacers than what they got for Halliburton.

  25. Lillard style
    Curry choke Steph cant make this

  26. He gonna drop 35+ against the Rockets tonight so I'm pumped. Lemme see a 50 piece. 14 assists, 3 steals, 7 rebounds, 1 TO,

  27. No ones gonna talk about whatever's going on in the background during the replays lmao

  28. Haliburton looking like dame dolla with that shot. 👉⌚️

  29. He is averaging 21; 4 ;10 on 49 ; 40 ; 87 with just 2.5 TO. And he's also clutch. He's the new Point God😅

  30. The sound that net made…. Right on the fucking money, made the net snap

  31. It's clear to see Turner trip'd that man. It's cool we still gon make it to the playoffs

  32. Man..nba should alcohol check beverly, I thought he drunk during half time.

  33. This is why he said that Poole took a good shot against the lakers.

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