USA Basketball Vs Spain Game Recap 08/22/2010 [Crazy Game] Durant MVP -

USA Basketball Vs Spain Game Recap 08/22/2010 [Crazy Game] Durant MVP

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USA Basketball Vs Spain Game Recap 08/22/2010 [Crazy Game] Durant MVP


  1. Soccer is still better than baseball..

    baseball is a joke

  2. okay your the next mj going to win 9 championships for the bobcats.. good job bud

  3. ^ says you, to which i say you're wrong.

    What you gonna do about it?
    See how this internet opinion thing works?
    You don't give a shit what I think, NOBODY gives a shit what you think, Got a clue yet?

    Move along.

  4. GOOD! we can agree on something.. but I could have sworn I was arguing about baseball with you.. lol cause I respect and like football and basketball & girls beach volleyball

  5. What he's gonna do? Marc gasol would snap him like a twig. Durants a fake tough guy.

  6. so a 1 point win is considered "getting owned"

  7. teams in the spotlight dont do that, and all fans think its pathetic.

  8. durant is crazy picking a fight with marc gasol.

  9. USA>spain
    USA is the king of BASKETBALL!!!!!!

  10. USA are the best at basketball.. I admit that and I'm from the UK.

  11. i compare this video to the 90's dream team and still usa 90's dream team is the best

  12. Omg stop arguing over football and soccer we are from two different countries we will call some stuff different like a baby's diaper is American but over there it's mostly called a nappy so you all just stfu and stop arguing about stupid shit…

  13. Soccer is the most televised sport in the world and also is the worlds sport. Hence why only basketball and american football is mainly watched by Americans.

  14. Yes, they are faking injuries many times, but there is reason why. When the player (who make the foul) is send off, he can NOT be substituted. It's difficult to play 9 against 10 (+ goalkeeper on each side).

  15. it's not a sport if you can chew tobacco at the same time

  16. Yeah where's lebron Kobe and melo ???????

  17. Where's Kobe, Lebron, Mello? Did they just decide not to show up?

  18. this dude has no idea what football is right? lol

  19. baseball sucks. its losing popularity. the nba and nfl are the best leagues

  20. i dont like soccer but do you know how difficult it is to keep the ball under control when your weaving through people while your running.

  21. you actually have to be in shape to play soccer. you dont in baseball. (prince fielder, david ortiz)

  22. Difference between one play where they don't act like they got shot and this watch?v=evhw8Z5KdDA.

  23. oh my look at lucky Pau gasol, ow she's fine.

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  25. US has better players, and Spain has better gaming. I laugh to read British people admiting that US is the best at basketball when they don't know WTH is this sport.

  26. gran robo de los árbitros meses después confesaron las presiones recibidas.robo de usa si no…. no ganan.

  27. Brazil ,USA ,Spain are solid country when it comes in FIBA

  28. Who ever thought the Spanish dudes could play👍👍

  29. 2:08 lololol biggest trophy Durant will ever hold professionally

  30. Si no llegan a hacer como siempre que les perdonan los pasos dobles y de todo les hubiésemos ganado

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