USF vs #2 Texas Highlights (Crazy Game!) | Super Regional Game 1 | 2021 College Baseball Highlights -

USF vs #2 Texas Highlights (Crazy Game!) | Super Regional Game 1 | 2021 College Baseball Highlights

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Texas and South Florida played Game 1 of the Austin Super Regional in the 2021 College Baseball Season.

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  1. Leave it to Texas to barely beat an unranked team 😂😂

  2. just wondering but how long does it normally take to make these?

  3. That shortstop who bobbled it in the ninth had to have been kicking himself

  4. Lol Texas is talking trash like they didn’t almost loose to USF… they better chill before Arkansas puts them in their place.

  5. That SFU home run with 2 outs in the ninth the pitcher just hung an inside curve to a lefty

  6. Heck of a comeback effort by USF. Texas played a masterful game this was really impressive win for their program.

  7. Awwww man, one shortstop error kills the entire team, school and fans' playoff dreams. I hope he doesn't quit the sport altogether after that massive E…I know I would. I would enter the transfer portal immediately after the game, lol, even before taking my uniform off while avoiding my old teammates death stares. There's no way I could show my face at that school or in public until I changed teams, no way. They deserved better.

  8. damn that was crazy, crowd was electric. wanna see usf make the comeback

  9. Texas is now 32-1 after scoring first in a game this season.

  10. i feel bad for the guy who hit the game tying homer

  11. Texas got the nastiest looking field out of the super regional teams, and guarantee that played a part in the shortstop error

  12. Feel like that usf cf could have caught that ball that ended the game

  13. I was there. It was absolutely rockin. Sold out with standing room only and people camped outside the stadium. Awesome game

  14. Ur the best, only way I see games I couldn’t catch

  15. USF didn't play that bad honestly. A few defensive mistakes gave up 2 runs and slow pitching at the start gave up the first. Bats also started late, this is prob way closer than many people expected, I hope for the USF upset though

  16. Spoiler alert: NOT a crazy game. Fun ending, but the GAME was meh

  17. first thing i gotta say is the crowd is ELECTRIC!!!

  18. This is the kind of game you get when both teams are Scrappy.

  19. center fielder just is awful in the field

  20. Couldn't find any highlights of this game on ESPN some b.s.

  21. I was at the game and it was an absolute blast!

  22. we gotta be aggressive like this all the way home if we want that title!! HOOKEM!!!

  23. Damn I'm so proud of my alum! USF we never gave up!

  24. Saw a 99 from textas pitcher, did he hit 100 bu any chance?

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