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FaZe Zoomaa Reacts to Florida Mutineers (Vikul, Havok, Major Maniak, and Brack) vs Vegas Legion (Temp, Clayster, Tjhaly, and Prolute) for the Call of Duty League Opening Weekend – Day 2 | #CDL2023
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  1. Ben is such a squid bro. Talking about players smoking “mulch” like just stfu narc. Zooma is a top 3 sub ever, no Temp and Clay cannot gun him consistently. They are on Paris for a reason

  2. I wanted Vegas to win but the fucking trolled hard in that last SND like what the hell were they thinking

  3. Fam where the hell is the Guerrilla’s match it’s missing I wanna see it

  4. I hate to admit it but these watch parties make we want to buy this game and grind like I did with Cold War

  5. Just to let you know, it more like Not where you from California or New Jersey, it depends on where the people originate in their hometown‘s in Mexico.

  6. Also Mexican coke cola test way better in Mexico Beacuse there different then the one you get at Mexican restaurant

  7. idk man vegas was trollin they had it good at the end damn atleast they didnt cry about it like rokker lol 😂

  8. Nah, Zinni trippin if he thinks American food is in the top3. No shot that Caribbean food is not in the top3 convo alongside Mexican food and Italian, or Japanese. Just remember Caribbean encompasses Jamaican food, Puerto Rican Food, Dominican Food, Cuban food Bajan food… Like GODDAMNNN!

  9. this series humbled tf out of temp. Better not hear him talking crazy again. Dumbest plays I've ever seen from him.

  10. Bro no one mentioned tamales 😭 Mexican food is literally top 2 and it ain’t 2

  11. Chat getting bent out of shape over not liking mexican food. That the world we live in? Lmao.

  12. Dude temp is up rn streaming at 4:30 am ducking nightmares lmao

  13. Bro is this amateur hour for. For them Temps running at a gunfight with a knife he doesn't need to challenge and prolutes popping deady while he's in thr mix

  14. Hurts me seeing how everything has gone for Clay these past couple of years. Honestly think him and Temp are a very solid AR duo. Need a 1 person change at the very least. How TJ is still in the league is beyond me.

  15. Food:
    Chinese Food
    Italian Food
    Soul Food
    Korean Food/Japanese Food
    Middle Eastern/Indian
    Thai Food
    American Food
    Islander Food

    Worst is MRE/Military/Prison food

  16. Idk who vikal is but bros hairline gave up on him 😭 he just need to chop it off

  17. This dude taking about Mexican food being the most diverse type of food is just silly

    Also French Toast > World

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