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In today’s video on MLB The Show 19, battle royale, diamond dynasty, we end up going 12-0 flawless! Adam Duvall was an absolute monster, not only on the offensive side of the ball, but even defensive!

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  1. Why are you so good and why am I so bad☹️

  2. Anyone else spark a blunt up before these vids ??!

  3. Loving the uploads man! Best baseball content creator

  4. Day 1 of asking McGunski to change his name to McCumski for a week

  5. Nice job dude! You are low-key funny AF, I don't think I'll ever hear the name Pete the same anymore lmao

  6. U got some kind of spark plug activating every time u are down on a game .

  7. What’s a good stub making Method besides spending tons of money

  8. Awesome fucking run. And now after I see Sales debut I will prolly spend the 425000 on him as I can’t get past 7 wins lol

  9. I love how Gunski just decides he wants Sale and casually goes 12-0

  10. So from what it looks like… the best strategy to beat gunski is to be the home team n not score a single run till last inning n walk it off … otherwise he gets the juices flowing n goes into hulk mode if he’s behind

  11. Can you try out the new Dave Parker that came out

  12. Lmao, he got a 24 silver for the 12-0 game?! I get 100lvl Diamond WS players for my 1st game

  13. Yo McGunski how many times have you gone 12-0v

  14. Down 4 runs and doesn’t even care… I’m down 1 run and upset AF

  15. Yo Gunski, it seems like your enjoying using broadcast view for pitching. I like it way more.

  16. It’s hilarious listening to him say Asdrubel as “Ass-dribble” instead of “Az-droo-bul”

  17. Who else waited until after the vid to look @ the comments like he didn’t go 12-0?😂 GGs Gunski

  18. video idea, use a team full of glitch BR cards on an Alt count

  19. “That is not gone but that is absolutely titty torched into the gap”😂😂😂 20x more clownin cause of how unenthusiastic you sounded 😭😭😭

  20. This man really went 12-0 in his first try 🤦🏼‍♂️ he is the glitch

  21. they call him colby bc he’s absolute cheese

  22. How much do i have to give you to hop on my account and go 12-0 for me 😂😭

  23. difference between kevin trying to go 12-0 and gunski going 12-0 is massively different

  24. Dude you could go 12-0 Everytime if you really wanted lol you go down by 3-4 and you're like eh it's fine lol anyone else is like well I lose lol

  25. Thank you mcgunski for being such a good youtuber that I love to watch. Keep up the good work my brother! Much love!

  26. It’s arenado not mike trout disappointment

    Meanwhile arenado going for like 90k+ lol

    Must be nice to be rich in stubs lmfao

  27. U gotta keep this series alive. Even if u don’t do it again for sale u gotta do a run every new br rewards.

    So whenever the next new br rewards drops. U gotta keep the series going til u win the new br reward.

    This is actually a very entertaining series imo because br flawless is one of the toughest things to do in this game.

  28. 11 games into the run: “Who’s my third baseman?”
    12 games into the run: “Who’s my catcher?”😂

  29. No cap the hrd Pete Alonso just ain’t that good

  30. Play me, I want the smoke PSN: DoctorSlice5

  31. McGunski do you do power swing or normal swing ?

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