Websites to Visit When Bored... -

Websites to Visit When Bored…

Matty McTech
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These websites to cure boredom are perfect if you are looking to find games to play at school or unblocked games. They all come from my TikTok series where you can find me: Matty McTech. These are parts 41-70.

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0:00 Honest City Maps
0:18 Console Emulator
0:37 Auction Game
0:54 Radio From Around The World
1:11 Jelly Mario
1:27 Play Retro Arcade Games
1:47 Free Rice
2:02 Find your Birthday Song
2:21 The Internet from 10 Years ago
2:35 Video Game Online Emulator
2:55 Unblocked Games
3:11 Ai Generated Art
3:30 The Wiki Game
3:50 Create your own Beat
4:11 Useless Websites
4:27 Explore the Ocean
5:05 Test your History Knowledge
5:24 Guess the Song
5:43 Wordle Battle Royale
6:00 Language Guesser
6:20 The Biggest Internet Debates
6:37 The Sand Game
6:58 Battle Pokemon Online
7:16 YouTube Thumbnail Game
7:35 Kadinsky
7:50 Free Geoguessr Alternative
8:13 Ai Generated Faces
8:31 KuKu Kube & Bonus
8:55 GTA Geoguessr


  1. hey I have make a score 94.6 in perfect circle. by the way why the link has wtf ?

  2. 🤯Every emulator, in your browser.

    Nerdgasm !

  3. Please fix your pronunciation I don’t think you’re mentally OK

  4. The word “Maryao” seems more offensive than any racial slur

  5. the top song on my birthday was california gurls 🙁

  6. my song on my birthday was… (september 17 2012 by the way is my birthday) "Whistle by Flo Rida"
    WAIT A SECOND! its that one popular song!

  7. No offense bro but I think you need to re-learn English

  8. are emulators illegal i need answer because i remember going on that exact emulator

  9. Pronunciation with Matty

    Austin – Aust-ine
    Mario – Mar IO
    SpongeBob – Sponge-Bobe
    Haxer – Hax-or
    Sony – Sone-I
    Richard – Rye-chard
    Finnish – Fineish
    Pikachu – Pike-a-chew
    Google – Googley
    Georgia – Geor-gia

  10. Naw that ain’t Mario that’s MAR io

  11. the first one surprisingly had memes from my county even tho its small lol

  12. Bro… I use “Goog-Le” every day

  13. You know what he may have founded the infinite content glitch since there is like millions of websites


  15. radio garden doesnt work in the UK due to copy right laws. our country is a joke

  16. Okay so uhm… I would NEVER use my emulator again… cuz uhm. I almost got my account hacked. It started popping stuff on my screen saying it’s an illegal infected website so…. Idk

  17. Mr whosethebossshorts also has similar content without the obnoxious mispronunciations for engagement gimmick. Unsubbed

  18. Not him saying titanic and sonic as tightnic and synic

  19. the game emulator website is teeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiibbbbbbbbbblllllllllleeeeeeeeee……..

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